Some Amazing Lipstick Facts

Hey girls 🙂 How many of you love lipstick? may be most of girls loves lipstick, Right. Even I love Lipstick a lot. Lipstick instantly change your look and right shade of lip color gives you perfect makeup girl title. Lipstick is in our daily makeup routine. In market lots of lot lipsticks available in variant shade and quality like matt, glossy, long last etc. but Can we know about its facts ? If no is your answer then this is a right post for you girls which help you to know 5 lipstick facts.
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Lipstick Facts

  • Applying only color lip color on your lips can work a lot and make you look beautiful.  
  • 70% of men think red lipstick is sexy.
  • Women survey poll showed that 40% owned more than 20 lipstick.
  • A poll reported that 82% of women felt less confident in the workplace and in dating if they didn’t wear lipstick.
  • It is better to wear brighter shades during the day and darker ones at night. Neutral shades look good on all types of skin tone.
  • About 15% of lipstick goes down the drain when we shower or wash our faces.
  • 5% of our lipstick behind on our drink glasses, coffee cups, water bottles and soft drink cans.
  • 5% of our lipstick on forks, spoons and knives when we eat.
  • 30% or more of our lipstick ends up in our stomach, more so with the flavored shades due to lip licking and eating.
  • Matte based lipsticks last longer but they dry up the lips.
  • Avoid using dark shades of lipstick if you want lips to look fuller as dark lipsticks make your lips look thinner.
  •  65% of women use lipstick daily and 25% won’t leave the house without it.
  • 90% of women feel that wearing lipstick makes them feel better about themselves and don’t do it to attract men.
  • 75% of women select shades they feel look best on them and don’t wear a particular color to suit their plans. 
  • Some world-wide cosmetic companies claim to sell one lipstick per second.

So friends what you think about lipstick share your comment below 🙂

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  1. Those are some interesting bits!
    Hey Kiran, can you gauge which lipstick the girl in the picture above is wearing? Or its less expensive substitute?

    • Hi Ankita !
      Avon Ultra Color Lipstick Hibiscus
      Elle 18 hot pink,
      Maybelline !4 hour super Stay Infinitely Fuchsia Lipstick
      Faces Ultimate Pro long wear Matte Read my Lips 07
      are close matches i believe 🙂

  2. interesting post kiran!!

  3. Such a fun filled post 🙂

  4. Very interesting facts Kiran! 🙂 I am one of those who will not leave the house without the lipsticks. 🙂

  5. interesting:) . lipstick is must 🙂 it really can change looks 🙂

  6. piyali toshniwal

    Nice interesting post kki.. lipsticks r indeed a vital makeup item for all of us I feel 🙂

  7. Hehe..i agree with each and every point..even i cant leave home without my lipstickor lipgloss…or i just take i tinted lip balm with me..but i want some kind of color on my lips when i am leaving the house…the coloured lips change the whole look 🙂


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