Limoncello Brightening Face wash Quick Review

Hello Girls few days before I posted My March 2015 The Nature’s Co.‪ Beauty Wish Box‬ Review and in that bag I received this Limoncello Brightening Face wash and then I have started using it and today I am sharing my quick review on this Limoncello Brightening Face wash. Its TNC’s new launch face wash which is quiet interesting type so lets check it out.

Limoncello Brightening Facewash

I have been using this face wash from last 5-6 days. Its has a nice gel type of consistency and It has a nice yellow color. It has a very strong smell of lemon grass and its quiet irritating too and if you have sensitive nose like me then you will not like it. but the way it shows result on my face that’s really surprising. I am so impressed with its results. Every wash gives me nice bright complexion than wash before and this brighten effect stays on face for a long time or I can say for a whole day. It actually removes all dirt and excess of oil. This face wash gives me a nice refreshing and energizing feel every time.and the main thing its gives me nice luminous and smooth skin not like other face wash which never gives a smooth skin.

A little quantity is enough for whole face and its leathers well on my face and I have noticed one thing that its so effective on pimples too because it actually reduced size of pimple and withing 1 day my pimple is vanish. but its not rinse easily may be due to its sticky texture but that’s not a big problem at all. After washing my face with it my face feels little dry so I can say if you have dry skin then always use moisturizer instantly after cleaning your face. but still it does a wonder job on my face.

My March 2015 The Nature's Co.‪ Beauty Wish Box‬ Limoncello Brightening Facewash
I have never seen before these type of results from any face wash. This is the first time I realize that its a really magical face wash for me. I would love to recommended it too all who want bight and smooth skin in a minute

Good about Limoncello Brightening Face wash 

  • Little quantity needs
  • Gel type consistency
  • Gives brighten effect face for long time
  • Removes dirt, excess oil from face
  • So refreshing and energizing
  • Natural no chemical
  • Removes Pimple
  • Makes skin smooth and supple
  • Gives a nice glow

Bad about Limoncello Brightening Face wash 

  • Super strong smell of lemon grass
  • Costly
  • Little stick so takes time to rinse

Availability : Available in TNC shops and online

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 4.4/5  ♥♥♥•

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  1. piyali toshniwal

    Very nice !! Isnt it lil overpriced ? Orelse seams a grt pick !

    • Kiran Raj Singh

      but its totally worth it face wash 🙂 Super impressive results and just little quantity required so this full size face wash will go for long time almost 3 months for sure

  2. Such an amazing face wash 🙂 Thanks for sharing Kiran 🙂

  3. I am going to try it out soon 🙂

  4. Great post..will look for it 🙂

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