Let’s talk about Punjabi Chic Makeup Look

Let’s talk About Punjabi Chic Makeup Look – Hi BHBians, Beauty really has a well-defined meaning in India and it’s tradition. This time Let’s talk about Punjabi Chic Makeup Look. We don’t associate beauty only with the looks but also with the accessories and the dressing style too. And what is significant in India is that every part of India has it’s own culture, tradition and style. And not to forget all of them have a different style of makeup too. In some states some of the looks and accessories whereas if you travel to other places then it changes majorly. I landed in Delhi 8-9 months back. And of course as we all know Delhi is not a single city. It is a combination of number of cities. It is actually a mixed culture. People travel from different cities and come to the capital city and make it their home. But as far as my observation goes I have seen that the maximum population in Delhi is of Punjabis only. And I love them. They are so gorgeous. And have you seen Punjabi girls. They are so gorgeous and yet breathtakingly beautiful. And I love the way they carry themselves. So, Let’s talk about Punjabi Chic Makeup Look.

Let’s talk about Punjabi Chic Makeup Look

Let’s talk about Punjabi Chic Makeup Look

Always Go for Bright Lipsticks –

Punjabi girls like bright and cheerful colors. So, when it comes to applying lipsticks. They always concentrate on the brighter lipstick shades. Random i have seen them applying nude lipstick shades. Mostly they apply red, fuchsia, maroon colors.

Punjabi Chic Makeup Look 2

Eyebrow Game Strong –

Punjabi girls are gifted with good hair growth. So, their eyebrows are really thick and very arched or at point. They constantly thread them and keep them in shape. I don’t think ever you will see any Punjabi girl having a bad eyebrow day. And even after that they try to shape and color them regularly.

Lip liner is a Must –

Punjabi girls always pay special attention to their lips. And they have such hot sultry well defined lips. They always apply a lip liner underneath to give definition and look to your lips.

Use Blusher –

Blushers are always their best friend. They try to have blushed rosy cheeks than the sultry bronzed look. As far as the blusher shade is concerned they mostly go for the pink or fuchsia colors.

Punjabi Chic Makeup Look 4

Full Coverage –

Punjabi girls have mostly to the point and full proof makeup. They want their makeup to look long lasting. So, they always keep their base makeup strong and they love to go for full coverage rather than light or semi finished one.

Foundations over BB creams –

As I said they concentrate on fuller and long lasting coverage. So, foundations are their thing and not BB creams.

Punjabi Chic Makeup Look 1

Accessories –

they are the ones who love accessories. After all jhumkas and bangles came in trend only with this Punjabi kudis. They love to flaunt their big, heavy jewelry in most of the traditional wear. And they never miss mangtikka or bangles.

Hair Care –

Punjabi girls are known to have long and lustrous hairs. they really take care of their hairs in every possible way. They regularly oil and go for hair spas and all. But have you observed them flaunting their paranda on each and every occasions.

Punjabi Chic Makeup Look 3

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Highlighting  Makeup–

Punjabis love bright and glittery things. The same goes with their makeup too. After finishing the makeup they always go for the highlighting. And it is not the normal highlighting thing they like to make it like they have used an highlighter and all.

Foot style –

Foot style

And last but not the least are the foot wears. They wear those colorful flat juthis which looks so traditional yet comfortable and give a chic look to the overall outfit.

So, this were some of the tips to achieve Punjabi Chic Makeup Look. Hope you like the article. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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Pallavi Lives in the shopaholic Delhi. Yes, she is a big shopaholic and movie freak too. she loves fashion and styling too. But her makeup is limited to kohl s and lipsticks. they are her safe choices. But she is learning to expand her horizon. she loves trying different skin care products too.

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