Learn about the Top 5 Face Washes

Today, women are very concerned about their beauty. They try their best to make them look beautiful. To get the best out of their skin, they use lots of products. Some of them are really good, but not all of them are good. Out of all beauty products, face washes are very common to all of us. In fact, they are the most common products for women today. There are many kinds of face washes available in the market today.  Lots of women have oily skin. This article talks about some of the best face washes available in India for oily skin. Read it carefully if your skin is oily.
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Learn about the Top 5 Face Washes

Neutrogena Deep Clean: If you are a woman, then you must have heard of the famous brand Neutrogena. As the name suggests, it cleans very deep. The product is great for oily skin. If your skin is oily, then this is the product you have been looking for. It gently cleans but not dries out the skin like ordinary face washes. Is not that great? This product is available only in 50 ml pack. It is another great feature of the face wash. As it is cheap, lots of beauty concerned women can buy it easily.

Pond’s Pimple Clear: It is another top quality face wash for women. Lots of women have been using the products for a long time in India. The product can be a great product for you if you have pimples on your face. It works great if your skin is acne prone. Remember, you should not expect any fairness treatment from any face wash, so don’t lost in the name of the face wash. It is a good face wash not a fairness cream.

Lakme Clear Pores: Lakme is a world famous brand for producing high-quality beauty products for women. “Lakme clear pores” is a great product form the world famous brand. This product contains tea extracts, which represent a great smell and feeling. If your skin has excessive oil, then this is the product you should use to treat your skin properly. This product is also good for acne prone skin. It has salicylic acid, which treats skin properly.

Garnier Pure Active Neem: It is very good for oily and acne prone skin. It does not dry out the skin like so called face washes. This product is highly recommended if you have been suffering from pimples. It is available only in 50 gm.

Himalaya Herbals Neem: This is another great face wash you should give a lot of attention to. This product is well-known for fighting against pimples. Numerous women have been using this natural product for a long time to treat their skin properly. Unlike most face washes, it is available only in 15 ml tube.

These are the most common, top 5 face washes. All of them have numerous users, so you can rely on them without any major concerns. Good luck with your skin!



  1. I have tried Neutrogena and Himalaya one.. Both are awesome indeed 🙂

  2. piyali toshniwal

    Very nicely chosen.. 3-4 of them are my personal favorites 🙂 grt post kki 🙂

  3. Neutrogena is best for me ..but after reading so many positive feedback on pond’s one..I think I should give a try


  4. neutrogena is my favt!

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