Laser Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Laser Alternative to Plastic Surgery – Today there are a plethora of options available for those seeking skin tightening and rejuvenation. With the early signs of aging taking hold on your skin, you may want to seek a quick method to combat subtle wrinkles. In recent times, Plastic surgery was all the craze. However, there are now more cost effective methods that come with fewer risks and less healing time.

Laser Alternative to Plastic Surgery


Laser Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Laser Treatments

One of these skin tightening methods is cosmetic laser treatments. Laser skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure, so the risks and downtime are minimal compared to plastic surgery options. Available for nearly all areas you might experience sagging skin. It convinces your body that there is a need for increased collagen production and blood flow.

Looking at your skin as a balloon that slowly loses its ability to maintain its firmness and buoyancy after time. Your skin will slowly lose its ability to maintain firm and youthful over time. This is because your body will begin to slow down on it production of collagen as you age. Unfortunately for the balloon there is no way to restore its elasticity. However, methods like laser skin tightening allow for your skin to be rejuvenated.

Skin Can Only Be Tightened with Lasers a Certain Amount

Before you decide on having laser skin tightening, you should note that it is more so used to encourage the production of collagen. It’s not used to alter the skin but strengthen its bonds between the skin cells and isn’t ideal for those seeking a drastic change in appearance.

For example, if you have recently lost a substantial amount of weight and suffer from excess skin, laser skin tightening may not be the best choice alone. In collaboration with body contouring or skin tucks, laser skin tightening can act as a follow up treatment that provides finer, long-lasting results.

How a Laser Skin Tightening Appointment Goes

When deciding to have cosmetic laser enhancements, your board certified plastic surgeon can provide a general description of what to expect from your laser skin tightening treatment. One of the most important factors will be budgeting, both in time and money. It need not be said that cheap isn’t always the best option and quick fixes aren’t really the solution to your problems. The prices may vary depending on both location of provider and area of treatment, as well as the severity of your case.

Be prepared to spare at least two hours the day of your laser skin tightening treatment. Even though they can be done in as little as thirty minutes or so, you want to arrive early enough if there need be any last minute discussions with your providing plastic surgeon. You also want to arrive with clean, dry skin, free of impurities and moisturizers provided by lotions and perfumes. This will allow the technicians to apply the necessary creams, such a numbing solutions and cooling agents. These will help lessen any discomfort or irritation to the skin.

After Your Laser Skin Tightening Appointment

You may experience some redness of the skin following your appointment, but this is normal and caused by the heating of several layers of skin. You will also be advised to avoid direct sunlight, which may further irritate your skin. In any case, your cosmetic surgeon should have prepared you with medicated creams to soothe irritation and provided after care instructions to take home.

As the days follow, you will notice a change in your skin’s appearance and health as it begins to heal. Down-time is a lot shorter for those who decided to use laser treatments over plastic surgery. Over the next few months, its appearance will have improved and results should be clearly visible. There will be very little need for frequent treatments for subtle wrinkles. However, there may be a need for follow ups in the case of heavy inset wrinkles.

Making the Final Decision about Skin Tightening

The decision to undergo any form of cosmetic enhancement can be a daunting one. However, the choice is solely up to you. When trying to decide between multiple options, you should always consult a professional. Your board certified plastic surgeon or local dermatologist can be helpful in pointing out the timely benefits or discuss the health risks associated with each treatment, whether it be plastic surgery, laser treatments, injections, or otherwise.

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