Lakme Makeup Pro App Review

Today I’m here with something very very different!! Some of you may be knowing about it but I’m sure most of you don’t know! You all will owe me for telling this! Well, today I’ll be writing about the recently launched app by Lakmé – Lakmé Makeup Pro App Review. Scroll down to know more!!

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review‘Where your camera becomes your mirror, and Lakmé Makeup Pro, your makeup stylist.’ This is the description line of Lakmé Makeup Pro. Sounds tempting, right? Excited?! Continue to read Lakme Makeup Pro App Review.

What Lakmé Makeup Pro App is :

Lakmé Makeup Pro App was launched by Shraddha Kapoor. Lakmé Makeup Pro is a full fledged makeup app where you can see which type of makeup will suit you. You can also check out different styles from celebrities. Instead of yourself, you can select models also for checking the makeup.

How to get Lakmé Makeup Pro App :

If you have an Android phone/tablet/PC, then you can download Lakmé Makeup Pro from the Google play store for Free!! If you’re having a windows one, then sorry, Lakmé Makeup Pro has not yet arrived in windows. And about IOS, which is the programming system in iPhone, I can’t say for 100%, but I’m pretty sure that it must be in that too! And most probably free!

How does Lakmé Makeup Pro App work :

When you upload a picture of yourself, the app will ask you to adjust boundaries for where your eyes and lips are. Based on this, the app will apply makeup as per your choice.

Features of Lakmé Makeup Pro App :

You get a number of features from Lakmé Makeup Pro App. You can take a selfie at any time and upload on the app. Else way, you can upload an already clicked image too. If you don’t wish to see the makeup on you, then no problem, you can choose from the four models available. Images can be uploaded from either your device gallery or your Facebook gallery.

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review, glide with gloss

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review, eye-spy icon

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review, bezubaan bewitched

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review, look intensity

When you get into applying the makeup, you again have varieties like blush, mascara, kajal etc. You’ll get everything! In the eyes category, you’ll get kajal, kohl, mascara, eyeshadow and eye liner. In the lips category, you’ll get lip liner, lip stick and lip gloss. In the face category, there is concealer, foundation, mousse, blush and compact. In the skin category, there is de-tan, glossy skin, radiant skin and CC cream. So, these are the 4 major categories. All these sub-categories further more have many colours to choose from!

For special looks, there is another category named ‘Pro Stylist Looks’. These looks are mostly celebrity looks and are for different events such as wedding look, daily-wear look etc.

Self formatting in Lakmé Makeup Pro App :

Here come the self formatting feature in Lakmé Makeup Pro App. This means uploading a model’s or your own picture and then applying makeup as per your wish. I’ll be explaining everything with a model’s picture.

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review, before and after look

In this After picture, I’ve used some makeup items on the model. There is another brilliant thing in Lakmé Makeup Pro App that you can view which all products have been used. There is a screenshot of that too.

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review, products used for self formatting

At the end, Lakmé Makeup Pro App displays a comparison picture too.

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review, look comparison

The results have been quite impressing! The model looks completely changed! Doesn’t she?

Pro stylist looks in Lakmé Makeup Pro App :

When selecting a pro stylist look, there are two drop down lists, one is ‘occasion’ and the other is ‘wardrobe color’. These come in very handy when you want to try a specific look!

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review, pro stylist look 1

I’ve attached 3 examples of pro stylist looks in the post. These are nothing! You get millions of looks in the app!

Lakme Makeup Pro App Review, pro stylist look 2

How to purchase products in Lakmé Makeup Pro App :

You liked some of the makeup products? Planning to buy them? You won’t have to separately go to your browser and buy it! In the ‘products used’ page, you’ll find an option ‘add to basket’. Click this option and you’ll be redirected to for purchasing the products!

lakme makeup pro app review, my look using lakme makeup pro app

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Difficulties faced in Lakmé Makeup Pro App :

The only problem you’ll face is setting the eyes and lips boundary. In order to get the perfect look, you need to set them in correct proportion with your eyes and lips. I find it very hard to do so! But still, if you can get them in the right way, you’ll get the perfect look!

Overall, Lakmé Makeup Pro App is indeed an awesome makeup app. We all have doubts about how some color will look on us but now Lakmé Makeup Pro App is there to clear all those doubts! But unfortunately, as said before, setting the boundaries is pretty hard and if not done properly, you’ll end up looking like a clown!

Availability : Google play store

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 4.5/5 ♥♥♥♥•

Girls, sorry for the super long post! I just wanted to explain everything! Anyway, you’ll get the mind blowing experience of Lakmé Makeup Pro App only when you download it on your phone or PC! So, fast..get the app now!

Did you find the post useful? Please share your views in the comment box below! Means a lot to me! See you soon! Bye for now!?

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  1. This picture of mine is seriously LOL!!!??Thanks Kiran for cleanly organising the post.?? I super excited when writing this post!!??

  2. Its a really good app for makeup ideas before applying that makeup look on face. I really love this app and I mostly take help for my makeup look from this app only 🙂 Hey Vidushi great review 🙂 I really like the look which u have created 🙂

  3. lovely idea… would love to download it

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