Lactacyd Perineal Wash Review

Hi friends! My post is about Lactacyd Perineal Wash Review. Time flies by without even letting us know. We are already in the mid of second month of 2014 just when it feels like I attended the New Year’s party only a day back. Thankfully every year starts with cooling winters which is so relaxing and exciting at the same time. Today I will review an intimate wash that can be called the safest bet in the lot of intimate washes. Whether its summer or winter, whether we sweat or not, we do take a bath and use soaps to clean ourselves. Similarly our intimate areas need to be taken care to remain clean and disease free.

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Lactacyd Perineal wash is the most commonly prescribed intimate wash by the doctors.  Every second woman who takes intimate hygiene very sincerely vows by Lactacyd. I belong to the same category since sometime. Lactacyd perineal wash consists of lactic acid which is said to be a must have in the ingredient list of intimate washes. My friend had a severe feminine problem sometime back, she was in a delicate state and her doctor had prescribed her Lactacyd. That’s how I got to know about such an amazing product.

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Price : Rs.115/-for 100 ml (depends from store to store)


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Directions for use:

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Shelf Life : Not mentioned

Color : Jelly white

Consistency : Runny and easy to apply

Smell : Mild and appealing (like baby care products)

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What Lactacyd Perineal Wash claims

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My Experience with Lactacyd Perenial Wash

If you are into intimate washes only on those five days of the month then think twice because that may not be enough. Just like soap and water is an everyday bath essential, so are intimate washes. Lactacyd Perineal wash comes pack in a sleek plastic bottle which is light weight but not leakage proof. Just like shampoo bottle have a press button on the cap, which when pressed, the product comes out from the other side of the cap, this too has a similar packaging. However as I said it is not at all travel friendly and there is product wastage if not carried in a different bottle or wrapped in plastic bag while taking it around.

Lactacyd perineal wash has a runny texture than makes it easy to bring the product out of the bottle. The fragrance is very pleasant and mild but does not stay behind once washed off. A very little amount is required to clean the area so one bottle would last three months or a little less, when used twice a day. Only the outer area needs to be cleaned using a wash, while the inner part is to be cleaned solely with water. All one needs is to wash the intimate areas using Lactacyd perineal wash twice a day to maintain good hygiene.

Lactacyd perineal wash lathers really well just like a sulphate based shampoos but does not cause any kind of irritation to the area. No drying of the concerned area too. Lactacyd perineal wash is the safest and mildest intimate wash available in the market and a must try product. Its efficiency in cleaning and protection gives confidence to every woman from within.

In all Lactacyd perineal wash is highly recommended as it is formulated with lactic acid that cleans and protects the intimate area without causing any kind of irritation to such a delicate part of the body.

Good about Lactacyd Perineal Wash

  • Cleans intimate area
  • Mild smell
  • Keeps diseases at bay
  • Lathers well
  • Very little amount required each time
  • Contains lactic acid and lactoserum
  • Affordable
  • Very safe
  • Non irritating

Bad about Lactacyd Perineal Wash

  • Nothing

Availability: Medical Stores

Fashion and Beauty Rating :  5/5  ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Good one Juthika ji 🙂

  2. lovely roses with product clicks dear 🙂 seems great one for all girls 🙂

  3. i used to use this way back…quite decent product!

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