Know Top 10 Mascaras in India

Know Top 10 Mascaras in India – Hiii BHBians, Here I am with one of the fab and much required post – Know Top 10 Mascaras in India. Mascara is one of the most common make-up items used by women. In this top 10 post you get a glimpse of the best among the beauty or skin care product. You will get the prices whereas as a comparative study will be done among all which will help you to get to the final verdict at last. So, today we are talking about the mascaras. Eye make-up have always been the talk of the town since ages. And so we all girls are obsessed about mascaras. Who doesn’t love the long sultry eye lashes?? That’s what mascara does right?? I have tried my best & presenting best mascaras for you. So, Know Top 10 Mascaras in India in this post.

Know Top 10 Mascaras in India

Know Top 10 Mascaras in India

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara (Price : Rs.795/-) –

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara

One of the best mascaras out there. The quality of this one is pretty equal to MAC or any of the best mascara at a much lower cost. This gives you really dramatic mascaras by lengthening and curling your lashes.

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Max Factor Lash effect Mascara (Price : Rs.795/-) –

Max Factor Lash effect Mascara

This is perfect for those who just want to add lots of volume to your lashes. It does not lengthen your eye lashes but it curls and add lots of volume. Getting hands on this one is a pretty difficult task but then you can buy it through online stores.

Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara (Price : Rs.1050/-) –

Inglot false lash effect mascara

Inglot is known to come up with awesome products which makes your eye make-up really black and sultry. This mascara makes your eye mashes all black and not to forget they lengthen and curl them too.

Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara (Price : Rs.350/-) –

Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara

Who can beat Maybelline when it comes to affordable products at best quality. It comes in the funky yellow packaging. It does the entire job for mascara. It lengthens the eyelashes, curls them and adds tons of volume too. It comes in both waterproof and normal variant too.

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Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara (Price : Rs.300/-) –

Lakme eyeconic curling mascara

Another fab Indian brand which is a hit among Indian girls. They also add lots of volume, length and even curls your lashes. But sadly it doesn’t last that long. It just stays for only 4-5 hours. But still even if you want to go for a budget and short staying mascara then this one is really good for you.

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Oriflame Beauty Wonder Lash Intense Mascara (Price : Rs.329/-) –

Oriflame Beauty Wonder Lash Intense Mascara

This one has loads of carbon pigments. And because of this you will enjoy loads of length, volume and curls too. I am not sure of other Oriflame products but this one tops the list among the best products from Oriflame brand.

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Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara (Price : Rs.700/-) –

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Another funky packaging, mascara which is green and very attractive. The bonus with this mascara is that it adds volume and length to the mascara by separating each lashes. Each lashes get clumped up and that’s one of the major issues with mascara.

Lotus Herbals Maxlash Botanical Mascara (Price : Rs.245/-) –

Lotus Herbals Maxlash Botanical Mascara

Herbal mascara which is known to take care of eyes along with giving a dramatic effect to your eyes. this are perfect for those who have sensitive eyes and are scared to try some new product.

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Revlon Water Tight Mascara (Price : Rs.485/-) –

Revlon water tight mascara1

When it comes to eye-wear you need something water resistant. So, this one is completely waterproof and elongates and curls your lashes beautifully.

Colorbar Zoom and Whoosh Mascara (Price : Rs.630/-) –

Colorbar Zoom and whoosh Mascara

It comes with an innovative dual settings wands. The larger one is meant for dramatic eyes whereas the smaller one is meant for causal or day to day outings.

So, this were some of my most favorite and best performing mascaras. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments down below.

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