Know About Hair Toner

Our hair is our biggest asset. Hair plays a very important part in defining our look and overall appearance. And we constantly want to improve the way we look & and sometimes we want to break the monotony & sport a different look altogether. The easiest way to ‘change’ our look is to experiment with our hair. Besides straightening and curling, we love playing with our hair color & opt for hair coloring, highlighting and hair bleaching. But often times, we do not get our desired look because the color doesn’t show up well. Hair toner plays an important role here. So check out my post to know about hair toner.
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Know About Hair Toner

Hair toner is essentially a hair coloring tool. While coloring or highlighting or bleaching our hair, we often face issues like the color is not spreading evenly throughout the strands or getting unwanted shades/tones on our hair. So what to do? We have already colored or bleached our hair. There is no way it can be undone now. But fret not, hair toner is the solution here. Hair toner corrects the color tones of our hair and give color a more uniform look. What a superb solution, isn’t it? So read on to know about hair toner.

Hair toners remove the unwanted shades that are left in the hair after we bleach our hair. Hair toners can be of various colors. To remove any unwanted shade, the opposite colored toner is used (check the color wheel below). For example, if you want to cancel any shades of orange, choose a blue toner. Similarly use a violet toner to remove yellow shades.

Know About Hair Toner Color Wheel

Hair toner also plays an important role while highlighting or coloring our hair. Hair stylists often face a hard time to keep the hair color even throughout the strands. Or at times, our desired shade doesn’t appear and the color doesn’t look natural. In such situations, hair toner can be applied to even out the hair color. Hair toner fine tunes our hair color and gives the shade that we are looking for. Our hair looks flawless from roots to end.

Hair toner also helps towards a softening the look of regrowth on your highlighted hair and makes ‘highlights’ look even from roots to end. Sometimes the roots of our highlighted strands come out brighter and lighter. Applying toner will make that part few shades darker to match with the rest of the strand.

When we bleach our hair, the first step lifts off the color of our hair using bleach. Then hair toner is applied to add pigments and make the hair look natural.

Hair toner also adds a beautiful shine to our hair and makes the hair color long lasting.

How to Use Hair Toner 

1. Just before application, hair toner is mixed with a developer. If this mixture is created in advance and stored in a sealed bottle, chemical reaction will happen and eventually the bottle will explode.

2. This mixture is applied on hair evenly from root to end.

3. Afterwards, hair is being checked in every five minutes. With a damp cloth, the toner from a small part of the hair is being wiped off to see if the color has reached the desired state.

4. If the color hasn’t reached to the desired state, toner is being reapplied. The process will be repeated in every five minutes, until all the unwanted pigments are removed and hair gets its desired color.

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So, indeed hair toner is a wonderful product, especially for those who love coloring their hair. It is like a beauty-fix for our hair. Hope you liked my post today. Take care and stay beautiful 🙂

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  2. Rashmita Rakshit

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  3. I have colored my hair several times yet this sounds so new to me..excellent info 🙂

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