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Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam Review – Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam is a finest quality authentic skin treatment oil  helpful in removing pimples, acne, dark spots and also skin cracks. Acne and acne marks are a nightmare for women of all ages. Usually the dark acne marks are treated with vitamin C based products which trigger the sensitivity of the skin. Kumkumadi oil is a safe ayurvedic alternative which treats acne marks, pigmentation etc paving way towards youthful and spot free skin. Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam is a rare yet essential beauty treatment enriched with a blend of oils with skin brightening saffron. This rich concoction nourishes skin, improves skin texture and smoothens out signs of aging. Let us check the effectiveness of Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam.

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam Review, Kumkumadi Oil

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam Review

Khandige Organic is a certified organic brand of Kumkumadi Tailam. Usually the popular kumkumadi oils that we normally get in the market are highly priced. Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam is one of the most inexpensive kumkumadi oils available in the market. Khandige Organics is a brand dedicated towards organic nutritional supplements, medicines, food and well-being. To ensure high standards of purity, herbs & other ingredients used in their preparations are cultivated in company owned lands. Let us check the Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam Review below.

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam packaging, Kumkumadi Oil

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam packaging 1, Kumkumadi Oil

Price of Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam :

Rs.375/- for 50 ml and Rs.735/- for 100 ml

Directions for Use : Apply on clean and dry skin with soft massage. Allow to absorb for at least half an hour, then remove the excess of oil with soft facial tissue if needed.

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam direction for use, Kumkumadi Oil

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam, Kumkumadi Oil

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam Ingredients :
Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam ingredients, Kumkumadi Oil
Shelf life : 1 year

Color : Reddish brown

Smell : Pleasant

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam opening, Kumkumadi Oil

What Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam claims

  • Improves skin complexion and texture
  • Relieves blemishes, acne, scars, dark circles
  • Imparts glow
  • Has cleansing and nourishing action on skin

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam swatch, Kumkumadi Oil

My experience with Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam

Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam is one of the most inexpensive kumkumadi facial oil available in the market. Most brands offer 10-12 ml for four times the price of this one, while the quantity provided in this bottle is good enough for a few months. The packaging is done in a dark, glass bottle with a plastic cap. Dark bottles aid in preserving the potency of the natural ingredients used. A stopper cap underneath with a small opening gives access to the product. As the product is discharged in drops thus there is no worry related to any kind of wastage. They have two sizes available and this is the smaller bottle. Even though this bottle will fit in any travel pouch yet being packed in glass container, one needs to either be careful while travelling or transfer a little in a travel sized bottle.

The consistency of Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam is more or less thick. One needs 4-5 drops for the whole face and, a little more for the neck area. Kumkumadi oil is basically a skin treatment and therefore the best time of application after sunset. If skin lightening oils are applied during daytime, they not only attract dirt but also make skin sun sensitive. Thus it is a part of my night skin regime, after a proper cleansing and removal of makeup and toning, I apply the oil over the whole face. People who are prone to breakouts are advised to apply the oil by evening and let it soak in. After sometime the excess left on the skin surface can be wiped off. Similarly I apply this one at least 10 minutes before hitting the bed, although it does not stain linen yet it is better to let the skin absorb the product completely and reach a non sticky state.

While massaging I focus more on my acne and rash marks. Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam takes some time to get absorbed completely, finally it settles into a healthy glowing look. In a few uses it brightens up complexion, there is a natural glow on the face. Owing to the adequate hydration, skin looks plump and dry patches of skin are healed as well. Skin appears super soft to touch. As for marks are concerned, one needs to exfoliate thrice a week and apply this kumkumadi oil religiously. As a true beauty enhancing oil, it starts fading the spots by the second week of application. Thus with consistent use one can take control of acne marks completely.

Only con I have is its effect on mature skin. My mother’s skin gets pretty dry in winters. She has to use this Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam as a skin serum and follow up with a separate moisturizer as it does not provide enough hydration required in extreme weather conditions.

Overall, Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam is an superb, inexpensive saffron enriched beauty enhancing oil which brightens complexion, adds glow, fade acne marks and heals dry patches making skin appear plump and youthful.

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Good about Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam

  • Saffron enriched beauty treatment
  • Inexpensive for the quantity as well as quality
  • Brightens up complexion
  • Adds a beautiful glow
  • Makes skin super soft and smooth
  • Heals dry patches
  • Helps to fade acne marks
  • Does not cause breakouts
  • Ingredients used are grown in farms owned by Khandige Organics

Bad about Khandige Organic Kumkumadi Tailam

  • Not really a con as it’s a skin lightening treatment and not specifically made for mature skin. Just that extremely dry skin might need a separate moisturizer along with this one

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