Khadi RSG Coconut Oil Review

Khadi RSG Coconut Oil Review – Hello girls 🙂 Here I am with a new post – Khadi RSG Coconut Oil Review. Whether used as a hair oil or a body massage oil, there is no denying that coconut oil is a storehouse of nutrients for our skin and hair. In fact, it is an elixir and quite multipurpose given the wide variety of uses we put it to. Sounds incredulous? Have dry chapped lips? Slap a liberal amount of cold-pressed coconut oil. Want glossy and silky tresses? Treat your mane to a hot oil massage with coconut oil. Have dry and parched skin? Do not fret. Massage coconut oil (not in excess) and heal it naturally 🙂

Khadi RSG Coconut Oil Review

Khadi RSG Coconut Oil Review

Since it a storehouse of all things great for our skin and hair, it makes sense to invest in one, doesn’t it? In keeping with this school of thought, I zeroed in on Khadi RSG Coconut Oil one fine day as I visited a Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan in Delhi. So, friends let’s get started with my Khadi RSG Coconut Oil Review.

Khadi RSG Coconut Oil packaging 1

Khadi RSG Coconut Oil packaging 2

Price of Khadi RSG Coconut Oil :

Rs.220/- for 500 ml

Direction for use : Draw the oil from the bottle and use it accordingly.

Ingredients : Coconut oil

Khadi RSG Coconut Oil

Shelf life : 12 Months

Smell : Similar to that of coconut oil – earthy!

Color : Light yellow

What Khadi RSG Coconut Oil claims

Extracted from fine quality coconuts and double-filtered. 100% natural and pure.

Khadi RSG Coconut Oil swatch

My experience with Khadi RSG Coconut Oil

Packed in a simple plastic bottle with a cap on top, the packaging of Khadi RSG Coconut Oil is underwhelming. Why? It is not only prone to spillage/leakage but also not travel-friendly. There is no additional covering inside which raises doubts about adulteration. Hence, packaging needs to be revised majorly.

The oil has a thick texture with an earthy fragrance but I doubt its authenticity for nowhere on the package is the word “Virgin” mentioned. Natural is a very deceptive term. It can be used casually as it simply implies ‘extracted from nature’ which every other product is but when the word ‘virgin’ or ‘cold-pressed’ is mentioned on an oil’s package, that becomes its mark of authenticity. This is what I eye and which this Khadi RSG Coconut Oil flunked in.

Having used this Khadi coconut oil both for body massage and hair oiling for a fortnight, I have been unable to notice anything noteworthy. While it works well to moisturize skin temporarily but it fails when it comes to intense hydration which is what I look for as my skin type is dry. For this very reason, I am not going to invest in this Khadi RSG Coconut Oil in the future.

Overall, Khadi RSG Natural Coconut oil is pretty much average. It does not work wonders for my hair/skin but does not wreak havoc on them either.

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Good about Khadi RSG Coconut Oil

  • Reasonable price
  • One single bottle lasts long
  • Has a natural earthy fragrance which is expected of coconut oil
  • Hydrates skin and hair but not as deeply as Virgin coconut oil does. My favourite still remains KLF Nirmals virgin coconut oil

Bad about Khadi RSG Coconut Oil

  • Does nothing spectacular for my skin and hair
  • I doubt its authenticity because the purest grade of coconut oils is ‘virgin’ coconut oil and this word has not been mentioned anywhere on the package of the oil
  • Packaging needs improvement. It is susceptible to leakage
  • More information needs to be furnished on the package about the process of production. Merely printing ‘double-filtered’ won’t do.
  • Availability is a key limitation since Khadi Gramodyogs are not easy to locate in most cities and towns.

Availability : At Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan

BeautifulHamesha Rating : 2/5

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