Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review one of the most selling products from the house of Khadi Emporium and that is Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser Review. Working women and college girls are into little makeup almost every day ranging from a light base to eye and lip makeup. Even homemakers like to present themselves beautifully before the members of the family and use some makeup like kohl almost every day. However since ages it has been preached that makeup no matter what should be removed at bedtime and that’s why cleansers are so important as one cannot keep washing the face with face wash several times a day.

Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser Review

Khadi Pudina Cream Cleanser is mostly out of stock because its selling is quite high; whoever uses it sticks to it. It is meant to deep cleanse the skin and remove dirt and pollutants from the skin. Also it contains the goodness of Pudina which prepares the skin for further treatment and acts as a pore cleanser. Aloe vera, Bees Wax and Glycerin are good for replenishing the dryness that a cleanser can cause to the skin.

Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser

Price of Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser : Rs.100/- for 210 ml

Ingredients and Directions for use :

Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser Ingredients

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Faded green

Smell : Mint toothpaste

Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser swatch

Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser swatch

 What Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser claims

How to use Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser

Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser swatch

My experience with Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser

I have been using the Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser for a long time and this is my third bottle. My skin is normal to dry and not very sensitive or acne prone. Although the packaging of Khadi Pudina Cleanser would have been better had it come packed in a tube yet the transparent bottle helps to detect the amount of cleanser left back in the bottle. The base of this cleanser is creamy with soft granules but the fragrance is something I do not like. It is not just mint like but it is like a mint toothpaste. As one applies it to the whole face the smell just gets stronger than before.

Before hitting the bed the last thing I do is remove my makeup up and that’s when I need Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser. All one has to do is apply a generous amount on the face and other parts where makeup has been applied and massage it with circular motions. As instructed I leave Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser for five minutes and then start removing the cleanser with moist cotton. It does not get removed without putting in some efforts as the creaminess stays behind. This ensures that there is no dryness caused after usage. Although not instructed yet I splash water on my face to remove it completely and finish the process with this.

Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser takes away regular makeup easily and water proof makeup with a little effort. One has to go over the area maybe twice or thrice to get rid of waterproof makeup completely. Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser does not sting the eyes or skin like other mint containing products. Coming to its downsides there are a few. It has been described as a scrub on the packaging yet its soft granules do not have any scrubbing action as such. Also it will not suit problematic skin like which may be suffering from cracks or acne and rashes and will sting like hell. Last but not the least the fragrance Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser has is really strong for sensitive noses.

Overall Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser deep cleanses the skin and removes makeup and impurities. From being naturally formulated to its moisture replenishing property is really impressive however it is not meant for sensitive skin as well as sensitive noses.

Good about Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser

  • Cleanses skin thoroughly
  • Removes waterproof makeup too
  • Skin feels softer and smoother
  • Replenishes the dryness created
  • Can be used at the eye area too
  • See through packaging
  • Does not sting the skin
  • Affordable

Bad about Khadi Cream Pudina Cleanser

  • Not for sensitive and acne prone skin
  • Fragrance is extra strong
  • Granules do not have any scrubbing action

Availability : Khadi Emporium as well as online

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥

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  1. sindhura gurazada

    Then this is definitely not for me.. coz i can’t bear strong smells and my skin is also very sensitive 😛

  2. Geetanjali Bharali

    seems like a must-try!

  3. This looks really good 🙂

  4. Good to know about the cleanser

  5. never heard of pudina in beauty cream! sounds good!

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