Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo Review

Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo Review

Hello beautiful ladies!!! Are you chilling around in winters? Winters gives me jitters as besides dry skin problems my scalp is put at risk too. Just like our skin needs proper moisturization to remain healthy and free from dryness and thorough cleansing to get rid of excessive dirt and oil, the same concept applies to the scalp as well. After our entire scalp is skin too. We oil scalp and hair to nourish it and shampoo to cleanse them but this might not work all round the year. Especially in winters just like our skin, our scalp needs extra nourishment and care to be freed from flakiness and dandruff. That’s when we need a good anti dandruff shampoo to keep scalp clean and healthy. Today my post is about Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo Review.
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Ketomac shampoo comprises of ketoconazole which is the main ingredient that fights dandruff. Doctors recommend patients suffering from acute dandruff to use ketoconazole containing shampoos to get rid of dandruff. Apart from roping in embarrassment due to accumulation of white flakes all around, dandruff is also the root cause of hair fall. The reason behind this is that dandruff makes the scalp feel itchy and while one scratches scalp to get rid of itch, the scratching effect loosens the roots and the result is hair fall. In short dandruff is the first thing to be treated in order to get rid of hair fall and other hair ailments.

Price: Rs.162/- for 100 ml

Directions for using and ingredients : 

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Consistency: Runny and flowing

Color: Rust orange

Shelf Life: 3 years

Smell: Lemon

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What Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo claims

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My experience with Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

It is surprising to find that even though Ketomac Shampoo fights dandruff so effectively, its name is still unknown to most of us. In fact every winter I pick up anti dandruff shampoos and from that I can say that Ketomac shampoo has been the best so far. Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo smells like lemons which gives that fresh feeling to the whole bath room. Due to is flowing consistency I end up using more than required so one needs to be careful while taking the shampoo out of the bottle. As it is not an everyday shampoo, thus one bottle would easily last few months.

I make it a point to use anti dandruff shampoos in winters to get rid of dandruff and itching that it brings along. This time I picked up Ketomac shampoo and have been using it once a week since the onset of winters. It’s not that I wash my hair once a week, actually I do it thrice but use ketomac only in one wash and my regular shampoo in other washes. Whether hair is oiled heavily or lightly, Ketomac shampoo cleanses scalp properly in only one wash. After washing it off my scalp is free from dandruff and flakiness. Plus it takes care of itchiness from the first use itself. In fact Ketomac needs only three to four washes to control the amount of dandruff. At present, after using it for some time, even when I do not use it weekly , I do not get to see dandruff on my scalp. Somewhere I feel that it treats the root cause of dandruff.

Anti dandruff shampoos contain strong detergent base besides major ingredients to fight dandruff. Ketomac shampoo is no different, so it’s suggested to oil hair and scalp beforehand to avoid any kind of dryness after application. If someone skips oil before usage then a conditioner is a must after Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo. Its instructions say that it is to be used at least twice a week for four weeks and then reduce usage to obstruct the re occurrence of dandruff. However I used it twice only during first two weeks and reduced its usage to only once a week to once in two weeks but still there is no re occurrence of dandruff. This proves how effectively Ketomac fights dandruff and flakiness and lives up to its claims. Dandruff is a common problem which looks small but can create complex hair ailments if not treated on time. So if someone is suffering from dandruff then Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo can help you get treated before it gets too late.

“ Ketomac Shampoo is highly recommended to every person who is suffering from acute dandruff, itchy and flaky scalp. Besides cleaning scalp thoroughly, it restricts the reoccurrence of dandruff.”

Good about Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

  • Controls dandruff
  • Lives up to its claims
  • Works from the first use
  • Obstructs the reoccurrence of dandruff
  • Suites all scalp types
  • Removes itchiness
  • Controls flakiness of scalp
  • Easy to apply
  • affordable

Bad about Ketomac Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

  • Nothing except that hair needs to be oiled beforehand to combat dryness of the tresses.

Availability: medical stores

Fashion and Beauty Rating: 4.5/ 5  ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. I used ketomac some time back it my hair straw like

  2. seems good shampoo for dandruff problem 🙂 perfect shampoo for winters 🙂 good review dear 🙂

  3. looks good.. 😀

  4. seems quite rffective

  5. Sounds quite effective.

  6. I have heard abt this shampoo n its effectiveness :). Thnx for reviewing it 🙂

  7. I think I am going to get this one and try it out

  8. no side effect and no effect, third class shampoo

  9. use jhonson and jhonson’s nizral more effective

  10. use ketomac shampoo rusi nahi hai to hogi aur hai to kabhi khatam nahi hogi

  11. kehne ko to ketomac aur nizral dono me hi ketoconazole 2% hai ferk itna hai ki ketomac ki bottle me keval likha hai <dala nahi gaya hai.

  12. where can i buy this shampoo?

  13. Hi suffering of hair fall,hair dryness & dandruff..ive bought ketomac 2 combat dandruff bt iv heard that ketomac causes hair fall & dryness will ths product enhance my hairfall & dryness problem??Can u help me wth a product which can extinct my all 3 problems(hairfall,dryness,dandruff).

    • do oiling regularly, its must for u and then start using it. Also check your daily routine as well as eat proper and sleep proper then u will noticed the result

  14. Hi suffering of hair fall ..Can u help me wth a product which can extinct my problems ..hairfall

  15. Apart from removing drandruff problem is it helpfull in controlling hairfall too?

  16. Can i use it as a body wash?

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