Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil Review

Love that relaxing and rejuvenating feel of getting a scalp massage while an elixir is cascading down your luscious mane replenishing and nourishing it? The massage soothes your senses while the oil works to combats all your hair woes and leave you with shiny, drool-worthy and lustrous locks πŸ™‚ While there’s no dearth of hair oils in the market, most of us still, are unable to zero in on a hair oil that pampers our crowning glory to the hilt. Today, I will share Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil Review which claims to be a herbal formulation’

Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil Review

Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil combines the virtues of a number of natural ingredients beneficial for hair care. such as- Bhringaraj, brahmi, kuth, baheda, amla, harad, lodhra, nagarmotha, olive oil, etc.?I have been using this hair oil for over a fortnight in unison with my weekly (and at times, bi-weekly) application of curd plus Etheric hibiscus powder (and sometimes Banjaras hibiscus powder) to pamper my tresses. Read below my Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil Review and find out how it fared for me and if deserves a “yay” or a “nay” from me πŸ™‚

Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil pack 1

Price of Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil : Rs.135/- for 100 ml

Directions for use :

Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil direction for use

Ingredients :
Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil ingredients

Shelf life : 36 Months

Color : colorless

Smell : No smell. I tried hard but there wasn’t any noticeable smell/fragrance.

Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil pack 2

What Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil claims

Use Kesh Nikhar herbal hair oil to get rid of hair problems. (No specific problem/worry mentioned/targeted. The claim is very generic)

Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil swatch

My experience with Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil

Packed in a plastic bottle with a flip-open cap, Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil?is very sturdy and the cap makes it leakage-free. The packaging, admittedly has zero aesthetic value but leaving that aside and not letting it influence my rating, I find the packaging travel-friendly. On the whole, the packaging is up to the mark.

The thing which surprised me pleasantly was the texture of Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil. Neither was it sticky nor was it runny like water. It is lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky. This I believe makes it suitable for usage by those who are troubled by their oily hair πŸ™‚ A good amount (of course, after taking into account the extent of oiliness) won’t weigh your hair down. In combination with use of a few herbal hair packs at regular intervals of time will tame your locks well πŸ™‚

I find Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil suitable for use by all hair types because of its lightweight texture. It is primarily odorless, so those sitting next to you won’t pucker. I won’t say that this oil is magical or would change your hair forever but it surely does a commendable job at relaxing your scalp, getting rid of flakiness and calming it. Perhaps, with regular usage, it may even soften one’s tresses. I usually warm any oil I use a few minutes before massaging it since hot oil massaging is more relaxing. Naturally, I did so with this oil too and washing this off the next morning was a cakewalk. It doesn’t stick to one’s hair unless you apply so much that it seems the entire bottle was given to you free of cost πŸ™‚

Since the oil contains extracts of a number of scalp-nourishing ingredients, I find its composition highly beneficial. Over the course of two weeks that I used it, it didn’t magically transform my hair but wasn’t an absolute dud too. In fact, in addition to what all it did (mentioned above), it added a bit of?luster?to my hair. I am sure once used more often it has the potential of nourishing my hair πŸ™‚

Given its price, ability to nourish and impart shine/luster to one’s hair, lightweight and non-greasy texture making it usable by all hair types, I find Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil a good product which if used regularly and in proper quantity can tame one’s hair woes well.

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Good about Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil

  • Economical pricing
  • Travel-friendly
  • Lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky texture
  • Suitable for use by all hair types
  • Calms one’s scalp
  • Adds a bit of shine
  • Has the extracts of a number of herbal ingredients which are proven to be advantageous for hair

Bad about Kesh Nikhar Kesh Pak Herbal Hair Oil

  • Definitely would contain preservatives since it has a shelf life of 3 years and also claims to contain herbal extracts. Anything herbal can not stay fresh/usable for so long.
  • Complete ingredients’ list isn’t furnished

Availability : Easy. Available both in local markets and online(FlipKart).

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5

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She is a true-blue Delhi-ite by nature. In spite of having lived in this city which is called "The melting pot" of different cultures, religions, cuisines, and colors, She believe there's always something to be discovered in this city which happens to be a heady cocktail of new and vintage. While she is no fanatic when it comes to skin and hair care, holistic living is more her mantra. Minimalism, she believe has an inexplicable charm and magnetism. By the virtue of having an 'over-the-top' imagination, She love contemplating possibly the most impossible scenarios in her mind. Perhaps, when they say "An idle brain is devil's workshop", they were pinpointing me! When it comes to preening one's appearance, She rely and advocate herbal remedies over quick-fix solutions because that's what She think keeps one BEAUTIFUL HAMESHA :)


  1. Why do some companies do such thing. After adding so many great products they just had to add mineral oil. I will not be able to use it. Great review and a nice product.

  2. Great review Nidhal…will use it when i am done with my loading stack of hair oils

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ As Ankita has pointed out that it contains mineral oil which I failed to note, I’d recommend use of virgin coconut oil (warmed up) πŸ™‚ KLF nirmal’s virgin coconut oil that I reviewed earlier is really effective. Plus you can use it on your skin too.

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