How to Keep Your skin forever Young

Hello friends today I will be sharing with you how to keep your skin forever young. As we all are concerned about our skin as it keeps on changing as per our age climatic change. Skin is not considered as vital organ by the human body as like hearts, lungs and brain. So at the time of problems like dehydration, fatigue because of stress or vitamin shortage in the blood, Skin is the first one to show these crises because its problems are not addressed on priority. Specially the skin goes through a drastic change due to ageing, so here I have got some good tips regarding how to keep your skin forever young. So all the beauties out there you can stay beautiful for the whole life with an nice glowing n nourished skin just go through the post and disclose the secret of how to keep your skin forever young.

How to keep your skin forever young

Four Important ideas to take care of your skin and keep you forever young’s are:

1.Hydration Problem:

Fluid quantity in skin is important for its health. Not only quantities of water you drink but also antioxidants contribute in fluid formation in skin. Skin ability to repair and produce new cells depends mostly on hydration. Fresh cells are most efficiently produced by well-hydrated skin. People notice glow of skin more after you have good sleep because lack of sleep interferes with hydration and cell renewal.



• Drink more than three liters of water in a day.
• Eat Mangoes, papaya, kiwis and almonds (rich sources of Vitamin E helps in cell repair and formation)
• Eat Oranges, strawberries, grapes and pomegranates (rich sources of Vitamin C helps in cell repair and formation)

Don’t Do:

•Avoid caffeine and alcohol (diuretic in nature causing body to lose water).

How to Keep Your skin forever Young

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Lipids are basics oils present in the uppermost layer of the skin and form a protective wall which holds in moisture and keeps out dirt and impurities. Lipids are made of proteins, cholesterol and fatty acids secreted by the pores. As you grow old, the lipid formation slows down. Babies have good formation of lipids in the skin so they glow more compared to old one.



•Eat fish, eggs, chicken, Paneer and balanced amounts of good fats, such as cheese, yoghurt and nuts (Have good quantity of proteins help in lipid secretion).
•Apply moisturizer regularly to protect the lipid glands.

Don’t Do:

•Crash-dieting severely impacts lipid development which results in dull looking skin.

3 Sensitivity:

Sensitive skin suffers from an uncomfortable feeling when make-up, soap, cleansers come in contact with it. The sensation does not leave any visible marks, such as redness, but is unlikable.



•Use sunscreen while going out as protection against rashes and sun burns.
•Wear oil-free and hypoallergenic make-up.
•Use products specifically meant for sensitive skin.

Don’t Do:

•Avoid using toners which contain alcohol as they can irritate the skin.
•Don’t apply cosmetics over broken skin.


The main reason behind formation of wrinkles is the death of skin cells faster than its replacement by the body. This is due to lack of hydration over sustained periods. In those who do not wear sun glasses, and have a constant frown, these indentations become pronounced wrinkles. Wrinkles have been found in young people who do heavy weights in the gym and grimace during workouts.



•Hydrate your skin.
•Wear sunglasses outside
•Use anti-aging products under the guidance of your dermatologist

Don’t Do:

•Avoid smoking.

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