Kaya Foot Care Cream Review

Kaya Foot Care Cream Review – Foot cream is an important part of our foot care. An intense hydrating foot cream is a necessity in winter to protect our precious foot from the dry and cold weather. Kaya Foot Care Cream is one such product that you can rely on to take care of your feet in winter. The skin on our foot is one of the most sensitive in our body as it gets constantly used and exposed to dirt, sun and other external pollutants. It is very important to give constant attention to our feet, or else problems like fungal infection, dry foot and cracked heels arise. And the easiest way to take care of our feet is using a good quality foot cream. I have dry foot and so I use foot cream all year around. And my latest purchase is Kaya Foot Care Cream.

Kaya Foot Care Cream Review

Kaya Foot Care Cream Review

I have never used any Kaya products before, this foot cream is my first purchase from the brand. Kaya Foot Care Cream is specially formulated with glycolic acid to heal rough and cracked feet. Glycolic acid is known to work best for dry skin and take care of skin concerns related to dryness, texture, elasticity etc. It works as an exfoliant and sloughs away the dead, dry skin cells and boosts the production of collagen and elasticin for an even toned and glowing appearance. Kaya Foot Care Cream is recommended for foot softening, treating corns and calluses and it can also be used on rough and dry elbow and knees. Keep reading my Kaya Foot Care Cream Review to find out more.

Kaya Foot Care Cream

Kaya Foot Care Cream packaging

Price of Kaya Foot Care Cream :

Rs.325/- for 45 g

Direction for use : Wash affected area with warm water. Gently massage the cream on the affected area till it is absorbed. Repeat the process. Cover with a sock and wash off after 8 hours. Use the product two-three times a day for cracked feet and once a day to soften feet.

Kaya Foot Care Cream direction for use

Kaya Foot Care Cream Ingredients :
Kaya Foot Care Cream key ingredients

Kaya Foot Care Cream ingredients

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : White

Smell : Medicinal

Kaya Foot Care Cream opening

What Kaya Foot Care Cream claims

Kaya Foot Care Cream is specially formulated with Glycolic Acid to gently heal rough and cracked feet. It is also recommended for foot softening, treating corns, calluses and thick skin around the elbows, foot and knees. Visible results in 2 weeks.

Kaya Foot Care Cream claims

Kaya Foot Care Cream swatch

My experience with Kaya Foot Care Cream

Kaya Foot Care Cream comes in a white plastic tub with screw open lid attached. The product information is printed on the back and at the bottom of the tub. A tube packaging could have been better, but honestly, I cannot complain against the no-nonsense and sturdy packaging. The tub is a small one, hence can be carried easily during travelling.

The foot cream is a white colored cream with soft, creamy consistency. It has a slightly medicinal smell, which I don’t like at all. Kaya Foot Care Cream is slightly thick, but it spreads easily. It doesn’t get absorbed instantly and requires little massage which is of course good for our foot.

I have been using this Kaya Foot Care Cream for past 2 weeks and I am extremely happy with its result. The foot cream makes my feet instantly soft and moisturized. I had some abrasive skin around my foot and this cream smoothened my rough skin in just couple of days! It has also removed tan and made my foot even toned. I love the way Kaya Foot Care Cream worked for me, my feet were never so soft, supple and brighter! My dad also used it and this foot cream was highly effective in curing his severely cracked heels in just 3-4 days.

Overall, Kaya Foot Care Cream is one of the best foot care cream I have ever used. It works amazing on cracked heels and dry, rough foot. This foot cream also removes tan and dullness of the skin. If you want soft, supple and healthy feet without a foot spa, then give this try!

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Good about Kaya Foot Care Cream

  • No nonsense packaging
  • Easy to work with
  • Intensely hydrating
  • Makes foot soft and moisturized instantly
  • Highly effective in curing cracked heels
  • Removes dullness and makes foot look healthy and youthful
  • Makes foot even toned and brighter
  • Contains Glycolic acid
  • Doesn’t take long to show result

Bad about Kaya Foot Care Cream

The smell could have been better

Availability : Online and Kaya Skin Clinic

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 4.9/5

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