Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit Review

Hi Beauties! How are you all? Its been a long time I have written for BHB. Its summer and also the wedding season. Need to deck up every now and then for some or the other function. It is not always possible to run to the parlor at the last moment for facials and clean up. So it’s always good if we stock some facial kit in our home for emergency. I have stocked this Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit for this wedding season. Its my first time for using the gold range kit from the brand of Joy. I found it very affordable and wanted to take a chance with this one. SO lets check about Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit Review.

joy 24 carat gold glow facial kit

Joy is an Indian brand. I am proud about it. This is a brand launched quite recently. Most of the products which I have used and reviewed before are quite effective and affordable too. Anushka Sharma endorsed this brand earlier. Now a days I do not see any TV commercials of Joy. To know the effects of Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit, let us read on.

joy 24 carat gold glow facial kit packaging 1

Price of Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit : Rs.125/-

Directions for use and Ingredients :
joy 24 carat gold glow facial kit ingredients & direction for use

Shelf Life : 2 years

Color : Glow Scrub Cleanser : Peach color cream with orange granules
Glow Cream : Peach
Glow Massage Gel : Gold
Glow Face Pack : Peach

What Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit claims

joy 24 carat gold glow facial kit claims

joy 24 carat gold glow facial kit swatch

My Experience with Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit

The packaging of Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit is simple. It’s a box packing and then there are four small tubes inside the box. The tubes are golden in color with golden cap. It has a screw type fitting for the caps. The tubes are of a finger length and quite a small quantity is provided, but then the price is also very reasonable. In salons, the price of gold facial starts at Rs.500/-. There are in all 5 small golden tubes and one face wash. By the way, I got a face wash free with this pack. So, now let me brief about each tube one by one.

Glow scrub cleanser : This is a peach color cream with orange granules. The granules are not harsh but perfect enough to act as a cleanser and remove the dead skin. It does the job of cleansing the skin effectively. I mixed a bit of scrub with water and then scrubbed my face and neck for around two minutes.As mentioned on the kit, I found my skin really ready for moisturization.

Glow Cream : Now that the pores are open, it is time to use the cream. I massaged the cream on my skin for around 5 -6 minutes. I then wiped off the extra cream with moist cotton. The cream is peach in color and light in texture. I could feel that my skin is become quite soft and hydrated.

Glow Massage Gel : Next I massaged my skin with glow massage gel. This gel is light and is golden in color.  It got easily absorbed by my skin.

Glow Face Pack : This is a thick multani mitti based face pack. It is off white and golden in color. The pack has to be mixed in water before applying. I used rose water for added benefits. I waited till the pack is dried and then washed away. Do not speak while the face pack is applied as it may cause wrinkles.

So, overall process took around 40 minutes. I did not have a steamer so did not try steam for face. It is often told to us that the glow after facial comes after 2-3 days. So, i waited for 2 long days for some glow to show up, But to my dismay there was no glow, no brightness, no suppleness nothing. I did not find anything done to my skin, it just seemed normal like before. I tried the same process after a fortnight but this time as well it turned out as a total disappointment. This kit would last me at least for 5 facials. Only positive thing is it did not break me out.

Overall, I would say it is a total waste of money. It did not do anything to my skin and skin tone. I did not find any difference to the skin.

Good about Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit

  • Did not break me out
  • Affordable
  • Availability
  • Huge quantity

Bad About Joy 24 Carat Gold Glow Facial Kit

  • No glow
  • No brightness
  • No skin moisturization, hydration
  • False claims

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 2/5 ♥♥

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  1. Its a shame it does not give any results. I had previously tried Natures Essence Gold kit and it was pretty good!

  2. Total waste of money, thankfully it doesn’t cost much!!

  3. yup.. better to avoid it completely.

  4. A total dud 🙁

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