Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer Review

Hello Readers, Today my post is about Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer Review. Fruits are very important for beautifying the skin. The anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals contained in fruits make skin supple, improve elasticity and adds glow too. I include a lot of fruits in my diet to keep my skin healthy and what can be better than adding fruit based products too. While fruit packs and peels rejuvenate skin, fruit cream can nourish and beautify skin with regular use.

Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer Review

Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer is enriched with herbal ingredients and botanical and fruit extracts. Shea butter being the main component replenishes the moisture balance of the skin to compensate any deficiency of moisture. Besides treating parching skin, its anti oxidant properties acquired from honey, almond oil, aloe vera and grape extracts. Read below my Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer Review to get a better insight in to the product.

pack 1, Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer Review

pack 2, Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer Review

Price of Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer : Rs.155/- for 100 gms

Directions for Use : Wash face with Jovees Strawberry Face Wash and then apply Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer all over face and neck.

Ingredients :
Extracts of Shea butter, apple juice, grape seed oil, sandalwood and peach.

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Creamy white

Smell : Pleasant

cap, Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer Review

What Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer claims

claims, Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer Review

swatch, Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer Review

My experience with Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer

Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer has a sleek tube based packaging which is partially transparent too. One has to press the body of the tube to extract the moisturizer from the opening below the flip open cap. Price quoted is reasonable. It is mainly meant for dry and stressed skin type. Jovees products being widely available can easily be purchased from online sites as well as offline beauty counters.

Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer is a non runny, thick and creamy moisturizer. One needs half a dollop for the whole face and the other half for the neck area. Being thick in consistency one needs to massage the moisturizer for a few seconds on the skin to get it blended into the skin. This creamy white moisturizer bears a fruity fragrance too. Once applied it hydrates the skin and nourishes dry and parched skin as promised. Skin looks shiny, feels baby soft and supple to touch and this hydrating effect stays till the evening.

This moisturizer must be followed with a sun protection cream before leaving indoors as it does not have any SPF content. Plus this moisturizer is meant only for dry or combination to dry skinned beauties. While it is great for dry and parched skin, oily skins will either breakout or get oilier than before. It works quite nicely in air conditioned environment and protects skin dehydration too. On hot days I dab some compact over it to combat its oiliness. With continuous use skin remains filled with moisture and gets rid of flakiness like issues.

Overall Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer provides deep moisturizing effect to the skin, relieves dryness and flakiness of the skin that is good enough for normal to dry skin.

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Good about Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer

  • Replenishes moisture of skin
  • Makes skin soft and hydrated
  • Relieves flaky dry skin
  • Excellent potion for dry skin
  • Works well for air conditioned environment
  • Smells nice and fruity
  • Transparent tube packaging
  • Reasonably priced

Bad about Jovees Fruit Extracts Moisturizer

  • Thick consistency needs proper massage to blend into the skin
  • Can cause breakouts on normal to oily skin
  • Imparts dewy to oily look which needs loose powder on top
  • No spf content

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3/5 ♥♥♥

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  1. good review Juthika. its been long since I tried a Joves product..

  2. Konica Mukherjee

    Good product!!!!

  3. Seems ok type 🙂 but i love its tube packaging 🙂

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