Jovees Fairness Lotion Review

[kkstarratings]Jovees Fairness lotion with water resistant sunscreen is developed scientifically using herbal extracts that have properties to protect skin from the harmful effects of sun rays. Today, my post is about Jovees Fairness lotion with water resistant sunscreen. I am not a person who gets lured easily by fairness products. I basically liked the texture, smell of this product and I make it a point to use sunscreens regularly. So, I picked this one up. Read on more to know about my experience.

Jovees Fairness Lotion Review

Jovees Fairness Lotion

Price of Jovees Fairness Lotion

100 ml for Rs.165/-

Ingredients of Jovees Fairness Lotion

Aloe Vera, Chamomile ext. ,Carrot ext. ,Licorice ext. , Sandal ext.

Directions for using Jovees Fairness Lotion

Apply all over face,neck and leave on. Use twice a day.

Jovees Lotion Review

Shelf life of Jovees Fairness Lotion

36 months

Colour of Jovees Fairness Lotion


Consistency of Jovees Fairness Lotion


Smell of Jovees Fairness Lotion

Beautiful fragrance predominantly of sandalwood.


What Jovees Fairness Lotion claims

Jovees Fairness lotion with water resistant sunscreen is developed scientifically using herbal extracts that have properties to protect skin from the harmful effects of sun rays. Its powerful herbal extracts shall make skin visibly fairer and even toned. It is easily absorbed into skin and forms a protection layer and also helps to maintain moisture balance. An excellent formulation for all skin types.

swatch of Jovees Fairness Lotion

Feel about Jovees Fairness Lotion

It is a light textured lotion that spreads easily on face and neck..It is absorbed entirely into skin.. I always make sure to put sunscreen before stepping out of my home.. I have tried many sunscreens but I honestly say, This is the best I have come across because to feels light and non sticky. It is a water based product and very comfortable to use.I don’t feel a need for any added moisturisation, at least in summer time..The product claims to have lots of herbal extracts like Aloe vera, sandalwood, carrot, Chamomile,which was the chief reason that attracted me towards this cream as we all know all of the mentioned products help in calming down skin.I have been using it for a fortnight,I don’t know about improving complexion but yes it works in maintaining even skin tone… You can definitely give it one shot specially if you don’t like sticky and thick sunscreens,,. This one has a fair SPF of 25. I love it totally. It comes in a white bottle with pump and a cap over it… Still, not very travel friendly as cap is not tight and there are chances of spilling the lotion in handbag.

Good about Jovees Fairness Lotion

  • Light Lotion like  consistency
  • Absorbs fully in skin
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Moisturises well
  • Wonderful smell
  • Has herbal Aloe, Sandalwood, Carrot and Chamomile extracts

Bad about Jovees Fairness Lotion

  • Not travel friendly

Availability – Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating – 4/5  ♥♥♥♥

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  1. seems good lotion 🙂 great review dear 🙂

  2. Thank you Kiran… nice product this is. I am pretty satisfied 🙂

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