Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk Review

Hello Guys! Today I am here with another product review from Jovees which I am going to review today – Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk Review. It is for normal to dry skin. One day when I was short of any makeup remover, I shuffled through my sister’s makeup and found this. I have oily to combination skin, but this Cleansing milk was for dry skin. I had no other option, so went with it, and it was not that bad as I thought as I managed to empty the entire bottle. So, let’s see how this product is and how it worked out or me!

Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk Review

CTM is really important to have a good glowing skin. The first step Cleansing is equally important to get rid of grim and grease we accumulate on our face throughout the day, clean make-up and also clean your face for fresh makeup, allowing skin to breathe and feel fresh. Sometimes we often confuse Cleansing milk/ make-up removers with face wash. The Face Washes have a cleansing property and thus have chemical surfactant that makes face wash to foam up. On the other hand cleansing milk is only to remove makeup. It doesn’t have any surfactant that would foam up and help in dissolving grease, instead it has moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and oil that removes the makeup without making skin dry. Let’s move on to my Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk Review to know how it actually worked for me.

Price of Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk : Rs.245/- for 200 ml

Direction for use and Ingredients :
ingredients and direction for use, Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk Review

Shelf Life : 3 years

Color : White

Smell : light smell of lemon and oils

cap, Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk Review

What Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk claims 

claims, Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk Review

swatch, Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk Review

My Experience with Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk

I don’t really like cleansing milks to remove makeup, but tried this one and it didn’t let me dissatisfied! So, let’s get started with the packaging. Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk comes in a white bottle type packaging with a pump dispenser which I find really great as it is hygienic. A plastic cap covers up the pump, which can be removed while using, also which keeps on falling all the times. Let me tell you that packaging is not travel friendly as while travelling once I kept this cleansing milk in my bag and it’s plastic cap removed somehow and the whole product spilled in my bag which was really gross and embarrassing.

The texture of cleansing milk is not very runny it is easily spreadable, not greasy and 2-3 pumps are enough to cover my entire face. It is of pure white color just like milk and doesn’t smell anything weird or bad. Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk worked for my oily skin and works great on dry skin too by not making skin too dry or oily.

So, in order to remove makeup I massage Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk on my face with fingers and clean it with moist cotton. It gets out all my foundation, bb cream, blush, but I need to struggle more with eye make-up. I need to massage it more over my eye area to remove my liner, Kajal completely which I really don’t like. After 2-3 minutes of massage the eye make-up comes off completely, but leaving back some traces of kajal. It doesn’t cause any irritation on skin or eyes while using this product but I stay away from using this on my eyes and rather go for my makeup remover to remove eye makeup and then follow up with cleansing milk.

On removing makeup it sometimes leaves a greasy film but goes off when I wash my face with a face wash, but those who don’t like to wash their face with face wash after using cleansing milk may dislike it. May be Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk works better for those with dry skin.

Overall Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk is good option if you are searching a cleansing milk for dry skin , It helps in removing almost all of the makeup and can take time with eye makeup. Doesn’t makes skin too oily or too dry after cleansing.

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Good about Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk

  • Pump dispenser which is hygienic
  • Not so runny, easily spreadable.
  • Not so greasy
  • No irritation on skin or eyes
  • Effective cleansing
  • Suitable for oily as well as dry skin
  • Easily available

Bad about Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk

  • Missing ingredients list
  • Not travel friendly packaging
  • Efforts needed to remove eye make-up completely
  • Sometimes leaves a greasy film on my skin

Availability : easy

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 3.5/5 ♥♥♥•

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  1. Seems like a very average product.

  2. Hmmmm, cleansing milk! Sounds interesting! But think this isnt the perfect one! 🙁

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