Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review this newly picked Sunscreen from Jolen and is Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 Review. Today, my post is about Jolen sun shield lotion. This product contains SPF 50 that is very much sufficient for the Indian subcontinent. UV rays play havoc to your skin by causing tanning and damaging the collagen and DNA that leads to premature ageing. So, sun protection is something that should not be taken lightly.

Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 Review

I wanted a sunscreen that that moisturises my face without being sticky. Jolen got famous in India with there bleaches. Offlate, they have introduced new product ranges. I have tried their lotion in Fast and that turned out quite well. So, I went ahead and tried this sunscreen and I really don’t have any thing to complaint about. Read on for more.

Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50

Price : 100 ml for Rs 145/-

Directions for use : Gently apply the lotion in circular motion on the face, neck, arms to keep the skin protected from UV rays. Do not apply the lotion near eyes. It is strongly recommended that special care to be taken while applying to children. Apply 20 minutes prior to stepping out in sun.

Key ingredients :

Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 Ingredients

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : White

Consistency : Light to medium

Smell : Mild and cosmetic

Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 tube

What Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 claims

Jolen, a pioneer name in cream bleach now introduces Jolen sunscreen lotion with SPF 30, which will protect the skin not only from UVB rays, but also from UVA rays – the ones that cause permanent skin darkening and breakdown of the fibres that keeps the skin young.  It is safe for all skin types (even acne prone skin) as it made of turmeric extract with vitamin E in it and tested on each type of sensitive skin, under dermatological controlled.

Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 swatch

My experience with Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50

Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 comes in a squeezy, tube packaging. The tube is leaf proof and the flip open cap closes, tightly too. Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 is white in colour and spreads evenly on skin. Sunscreen gets absorbed into skin completely. My skin neither feels dry/ stretchy or oily/ sticky after use.

My skin feels soft, supple and refreshed after application that is probably due to Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 vitamin E content. It does not leave behind any whitish cast. Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 smells mild and non irritating to nose. I have not faced any issue of skin irritation, break outs or any kind of allergies with this sun screen. I apply iJolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 lavishly on my face and arms before stepping out in sun.

Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 contains turmeric that has long been known as a skin healer and natural fairness product. However, do not expect any fairness with this product. In that department, Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 is a flop like many other products. It claims to be Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive varieties. The product has been dermatologically tested. Since this one contains SPF 30, I believe it gives ample UV/ sun protection. I have not noticed any fresh tanning on my face since I have been using this sun block. The quantity is fine given the price.

Overall, a decent purchase for this summer. Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50 is moisturising, non sticky, high on SPF and gives good results while being light on pocket.

Good about Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50

  • Light textured
  • moisturises well
  • Has Vitamin E and turmeric
  • Gives protection against UV A and UV B
  • pleasant smell
  • Affordable
  • travel friendly

Bad about Jolen Sun Shield Creme SPF 50

  • I really wish it was skin tinted, apart from that nothing

Availability : Easy on cosmetic stores or online

Fashion and beauty Rating :  4/5  ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Kiran Raj Singh

    good review dear

  2. i find it difficult to find jolen products here.. 🙁

  3. nice product 🙂

  4. Thank you girls.. Avanti, try chemist shops.. they usually keep stock of Jolen.. also, big bazaar has it..

  5. even i m unable to find jolen products 🙁

  6. somehow jolen products never worked for me I don’t like them glad they worked for u

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