My January 2014 Fab Bag

Hey everyone! I received my January Fab Bag today. Luxury Bags can never get boring! The past few weeks Indian women have waited with bated breath for their Fab Bagss which brought them 4 Luxury beauty samples, beautifully packaged in printed pouch. Most of you must already be aware that Vellvette is now Fab Bag. So anyway, this is my this months’s Fab Bag and it’s suuuppper cool like Delhi’s weather 🙂

My January 2014 Fab Bag ImageThe Jan FAB BAG Says Keep Calm & Stay Sassy because the Jan Bag is very Classy!

Its totally true the bag is kinda looks classy and in lovely shade of Red :). Fabric of bag is very ruff and tuff type 😀

The 4 things that I got in my bag are

Fab bag products, My January 2014 Fab Bag

 My Jan 2014 Fab Bag contains 4 products

  • NYX Diamond Sparkling Lipstick – Sparkling Red
  • Nyassa Alphonso Body Butter
  • Naked Potion Lotion
  • Bonus : I love Strawberry Mask (3 sachet )

Fab bag Card, My January 2014 Fab Bag

  • NYX Diamond Sparkling Lipstick – Sparkling Red (full size 600/- for 4.2 g)
    I am going to use first time NYX product. Its lovely pigmented red lipstick with lots of diamond sparkles. I totally loved it 🙂

NYX lipstick, My January 2014 Fab Bag

  • Nyassa Alphonso Body Butter ( 50 ml for Rs.300/-)
    Again never used brand for me and its Body butter in Alphonso fragrance so just again plus point for me because in winter body butter need badly and mango is my favorite fruit

Nyassa body butter

  • Naked Potion Lotion (Rs.310/- for 30 gm )
    Again new brand for me. I know its eye shadow palates are so famous and good so I am thinking this will also good for my dry skin 🙂

Naked potion lotion

  • Bonus : I love Strawberry Mask ( full size Rs.450/- for 3*15ml)
    I heard a a lot about these mask and finally i received it in my fab bag. And like mango strawberry is also my favorite fruit.
    I love face mask, My January 2014 Fab Bag

Overall, I am very very Happy with my Fab Bag. There is nothing in the bag that I don’t like .

My January 2014 Fab Bag products, My January 2014 Fab Bag

And cute calender also  My January 2014 Fab Bag calender, My January 2014 Fab Bag

What did you receive in your Fab bag this month?

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Kiran born and brought up in Mumbai is the founder of She is a Management graduate and beauty lover by heart. Kiran’s passion for make-up and beauty products motivated her to start beauty website. She started JAM Infotech online Pvt Ltd in 2016. She is married and has a beautiful daughter, Anika. She loves shopping, buying new beauty products, applying make-up in her free time.


  1. Those are some pretty awesome products!
    I still didn’t receive my bag… usually mine comes the day after they ship it because I’m in the first batch. Don’t know what happened this time.
    I’m supposed to receive my Fab Bag Twitter Party contest prizes with this month’s bag. Can’t wait!

  2. Bag looks so pretty 🙂

  3. looks nice 🙂

  4. Wow !! Lovely ya 🙂

  5. the stuff looks nice!

  6. your fab bag looks fabulous I am waiting for the review

  7. Lovely stuff…lets see what I receive…mine is yet to come 🙂

  8. We got all the same things! But no calendar was given to me in either of my bags… and no renewal offer, either!
    Here’s the review of my January Fab Bag! Check it out. 🙂

  9. hey kiran, i received naked potion lotion,salley hansen’s diamond gloss, nyassa alphonso body lotion and the nature’s body lotion…..and i am quite happy wid wot i got…

  10. naked eyeshadow palettes are by urban decay. this is some unknown brand by an indian model

  11. It was my first fab bag, and I guess my last; there are SO MUCH BETTER SUBSCRIPTION BEAUTY BOXES and this FAB BAG, I regret. I had bought this for some indulgence for my upcoming nuptials and they ruin it ROYALLY. From all the posts over here, I feel they’ve sent ME THE LEFTOVERS OF FEBRUARY FAB BAG. how cheap and shameless of them!

    there is a questionnaire that they take from us and which I have clearly mentioned what kind of products suit the skin/ hair. None of the products does suit my skin/ hair.

    the bag is NOT UPTO their claimed STANDARD FOR MANY REASONS – It’s a shitty Fab Bag. I had to share my horrid experience with you guys, please bear with the rant!

    1) near expiry date products – easier way to finish off the supply; throw them in the dust bin, crew! Luxury is NOT vivel. I paid up for ‘luxury products as they claimed, and I am Duped. ROYALLY. I have had previously got blisters on my face Using Vivel and now, literally I pay to buy it, would i?

    2) Cetaphil- I can buy it from the drug store near my house (where is high-end in this?) Also, I dont have a sensitive skin, as clearly mentioned in the questionnaire, which they obviously DONT go through.

    3) Why does the conditioner smell like ammonia/ toilet cleaner? Why would I use such a product with a Repugnant SMELL? Would they guys USE SUCH PRODUCTS themselves?

    I guess they should Stop this if they cannot deliver what they promised. They tell me that they’d refund me after cutting 599 INR off the the first bag.

    WAS THE BAG WORTH 599 INR? I dont think so. It’s very easy to say apologies, but coming from humble backgrounds I guess i have been a little greedy in wishing for small luxuries. they ruined it royally for me, thanks for that. and I cannot believe they sent near expiration that products in return of my 1.5K INR! CHEATING ALERT!!!!!!!!!

    I am subscribing for My Envy Box and I feel I will get good value for my money. FAB BAG sucks and stinks like poo!

    (sorry for this rant over here, but trust me, I feel so awful for my money and expectations that I wish they burn down) Had to share my awful experience here, somewhere; which is why the rant!

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