Is Sunscreen Important in Monsoon

Hey girls, enjoying the rain? Today I am going to introduce you a very important topic which is surrounded with lots of myths. Today I am going to uncover some facts, so keep reading. Today’s topic Is Sunscreen Important in Monsoon. Why we apply sunscreen? To hide our skin from sun? Or UV rays? You have to understand this that sun itself is not harming are skin, it is the depletion of ozone layer above our atmosphere which are allowing the harmful rays to penetrate in our environment.

Is Sunscreen Important in Monsoon

Whether it is cloudy day or the sun is scorching hard on us, the UV rays are present all the time. Now if it is present all the time then does it present during night? The answer is might be, that is why dermatologist always suggests you to wear sunscreen even in the evening. The intensity of the UV rays reduces after the sunset, but not entirely (search is on regarding this issue). So let’s take a look at my post on Is Sunscreen Important in Monsoon below.

Please keep in your mind you have to protect your skin, wherever you are as long as you expose to sun for more than 12 minutes. So, that’s mean you have to wear the sunscreen even in the rainy season. Sun exposure causes basically two dangers to our skin.

  1. Skin cancer
  2. Premature aging of skin

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Premature aging of skin is the most common among all, the continuous tanning causes premature ageing of our skin, not only this but these days every second person is suffering from sun allergy. In fact the sunscreen itself is not sufficient, one should always try to hide the exposed parts with sunglasses, stoles whatever you prefer.

Sunscreen makes a shield on our skin to protect it from the harmful rays, you can choose any of them available easily, but make it sure it is according to your skin type and requirement. I generally avoid buying sunscreen by my own, I simply ask my doctor to recommend me some good sunscreen, because I have super sensitive skin.

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Is Sunscreen Important in Monsoon 2

  • Always wear sunscreen, no matter what day it is or what time it is.
  • Apply it to all the exposed parts exactly half an hour before going out for better results.
  • Never miss some unnoticed parts like back of the ear, feet, elbows, under arms (in case you go sleeveless).
  • Always re apply it after every 3 hours
  • Reapply if you are sweating too much
  • Reapply if you have swipe your face with damp tissues.
  • Never rely on bb creams and other makeup products having SPF, always go for makeup products giving you sun protection, but never forget to wear sunscreen separately.

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These were some quick tips on how one can use sunscreen. I think the myth that sunscreen is not required in monsoon has been cleared. So next time when you go out be sure that the beautiful princess is being protected from the UV MONSTER!!

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