Is Amla Good for Hair Growth?

Amla is the best fruit for a good health. It is Indian goose berry which is the remedy for skin, diet and hair problems. It uses in fresh or dried state. It consumes very easily. It is found in India and Nepal. This beneficial fruit belongs to euphorbiaceae family. It has many uses in ayurvedic treatments. Amla is said to have many benefits for hair. But Is Amla Good for Hair Growth? Read on to know.

Is Amla Good for Hair Growth

Amla for a Natural and Permanent Shine

If you use amla paste mixed with shikakai on your hair twice in week, you will get permanent shine. It removes 3 Ds and that is dullness, dandruff and dust. So without 3 Ds, your hair becomes smooth and silky. Amla is a best friend of your hair so always uses amla shampoos and paste for your healthy hair.

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Amla to Stop Greying of hair

Is Amla Good for Hair Growth, amla for hair

It has a power to make your strong in front of today’s pollution. Daily eat amla and includes it in your salad. It cleans your body and the hair cells also. It helps keratin to grow. In India, there is huge market for amla products. You can use amla packs, it stop the greying of your with its nutrients.

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Amla to Solve the Aging of Hair

If you have this problem you should use amla in your diet. Amla is rich in minerals and vitamin c. it cleans the hair cell and removes all toxics from the mitochondria. It makes your hair live long. it increases the life of your hair in few weeks.

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Amla Provides Nutrients to Your Hair

It has citric acid which is very necessary for our hair. It is rich in phosphorus, calcium and carotene. It also has vitamin b complex. It is supreme anti oxidant agent. Anti oxidants is repairing agent for your hair.

Amla Decreases Hair Loss

Is Amla Good for Hair Growth, amla for hair growth

It stops the hair loss and removes the split ends. It increases the nutrients in your blood so the hair cells become more active and healthy. When your hair cells are healthy there is no hair loss you can find. It nourishes your hair and increases the growth of your hair.

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So my friends start using amla on your hair and in your diet. It makes you healthy, beautiful and strong. After using this please tell me what type of result you got!!!


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