Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila Review

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila Review – Increasing strands lost in the shower is an alarming sign of lack of hair vitality. Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila, which is an ayurvedic formulation, adds strength to the roots and promotes hair growth. The scalp when nourished with nutrients in the form of a oil devoid of mineral oil, petroleum and paraffin helps to fight against hair fall and dandruff. Here is a detailed post on how effectively a pure ayurvedic oil helped me win a battle against hair loss. So, check out more about Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila below.

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila Review

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila Review

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila is a pure ayurvedic recipe comprising of cold pressed virgin oils. It is infused with purest, finest quality ingredients like nourishing sesame and conditioning coconut oil as base. Anti inflammatory lavender essential oil, hair strengthening aamla and nutritive bhringraj together give hair a soothing and loving care. Iraya products are easily available online as well as offline. Scroll down below to read my Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila Review.

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila packging

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila bottle

Price of Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila :

Rs.200/- for 100 ml

Directions for Use : Massage gently with fingertips into the scalp and leave in for at least an hour or overnight.

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila Ingredients :
Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila ingredients

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : Dark brown

Smell : Not worrisome

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila opening

What Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila claims

Created as per the Ayurvedic text Sahasrayogam, the classic Neelbringadi Taila features the ‘king of hair’ – Bhringaraj, Gunja, and other important herbs Nilika Swaras, Amla, in a pure cold pressed blend of coconut, sesame oils. Further blended with Essential Oils of Rosemary.

  • Bhringraj Swaras is well known for its miraculous benefits as an all round hair tonic and to effectively treat premature greying and promote hair growth.
  • Gunja’s  amazing therapeutic properties help rejuvenate hair follicles and promote hair growth.
  • Nilika Swaras is widely known to promote hair growth and prevent greying.

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila claims

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila swatch

My experience with Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila has a gorgeous packaging – dark bottle with golden cap. Dark bottles are best to preserve essential and base oils but most companies use glass bottle which is prone to breakage. On the other hand, this bottle is of plastic material which eliminates handling issues related to glass bottle and makes it reusable as well. An opening under the cap makes sure that the oil does not flow out uncontrollably.

Using a cotton ball I apply a little oil on my scalp and some more along the length of my hair, and leave it overnight. Any shampoo whether surfactant based or not can wash it off in max 2 washes, this is the first commendable feature of this Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila. Otherwise, Bhringraj based oils are heavy and need patience to be rinsed away. Also pungent smell of bhringraj is another issue. While this oil being infused with other essential ingredients, the strong smell does not remain worrisome.

Thanks to the base oils used, sesame and coconut which makes hair very silky and soft. It becomes easy to detangle hair while thin hair does not fall flat too. As claimed Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila does fight hair fall too but the process takes around 2 weeks minimum to show results. The strands lost under the shower starts declining. Thankfully, I do not have dandruff but my scalp feels itchy at times, this oil helps to keep the scalp itchiness at bay.

Overall Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila is an extremely nourishing yet lightweight oil power packed with the best nutrients meant for hair which adds strength to the strands, reduces itchiness of scalp and makes hair smooth and easy to detangle.

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Good about Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila

  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Adds strength to hair
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Calms down scalp itchiness
  • Infused with the finest hair nutrients
  • Can be used on oily scalp as it is easy to rinse away
  • Smell not as pungent as pure bhringraj oil
  • Very reasonably priced for the quality
  • Free COD available at their website

Bad about Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila

  • Absolutely nothing, if one is not bothered about the smell, it s a great oil for all round hair maintenance

Availability : Easy

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 5/5 

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