Instant Anti-Aging Fixes

Instant Anti-Aging Fixes or you can say tips for looking younger or delay aging sign, symptoms. All of us love to look younger than our age. We wish we never aged. Every lady wants to look sweet sixteen throughout her life. But in this busy life we tend to lose hold on our beauty and due to various responsibilities on our shoulders, we don’t give enough attention to our body, skin, face and hair. Result, we start looking older than our age sometimes.
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Instant Anti-Aging Fixes

I get quite a lot of compliments for looking 5-10 years younger than my age, reason, I try to work out my timings in such a way that I take care of my body by listening to its needs. Sometimes I too fail but its fine to skip the regular “taking care” regime once a while.

Some tips today I would like to share with you all which can quickly fix the aging process and you can look younger than your age. Let us see this through this post. My post is tutorial on Quick and instant anti aging fixes.

1)  Get some exercise in your regular routine to look younger

Always try to squeeze some time out of your busy schedule to get some exercise. Whether you are a gym addict or like brisk walks like me, or love swimming, just find out one hour for yourself and get the body moving. Yoga is one of the best exercise regimes.  It not only makes your body, hair & skin healthy, also makes one disciplined and composed. When you sweat it out, your skin, body and hair will say you a silent “Thank You”.

2)  Indulge in a facial peel for younger look

A peel can help improve the skin texture and smoother the skin improve the skin’s texture and smoothen the skin. However, if you are trying one out for the first time it can leave your face red.

Always opt for a peel for sensitive skin that will instantly help brighten the face making it radiant without causing irritation. We can also make a peel at home using fruits and other kitchen ingredients. A peel when applied should be allowed to dry properly and then only removing will give the desired results.

3)  Use a primer to avoid aging sign

One makes the biggest mistake is applying foundation without moisturizing. As we age, our skin becomes drier and rough allowing the foundation and make-up to seep in the lines of the face. You need to start by lightly moisturizing your face by applying a cream or whichever moisturizer you like.

Now layer a hydrating facial primer on top and finally apply a make up. A primer helps in keeping the moisturizer intact and doesn’t allow evaporating. So your skin looks more hydrated and radiant your skin looks more hydrated and radiant and will help the make-up last through the day.

4)   Add volume & Color to your Mane for younger look & feel

Our hair is one of the most important parts of our body for enhancing our beauty. So we should always prioritize its care. Over the time, our hair becomes thin and starts becoming dull. No matter your hair type, you can always add some life back to your mane. Try tying back long looks in high, tight, ponytail and add some volume to the crown. Those with curly locks can use some mouse on the damp hair to add the zings and bounce to the curls. You can always use coloring techniques to make your hair look fresh. Only thing try to use No ammonia formula for coloring your hair to avoid damage through chemicals.

5)  Try a facial mist give you instant young look

Once the make-up is done, lightly spray on the moisturizing facial mist. If you have wrinkles on forehead, near eyes and above chin, then use a dry make-up sponge over the wrinkles. This will help the foundation to blend more easily hence smoothing it out to prevent settling in the lines.

A facial mist can also be carried in your travel bag to freshen up your facial skin by preventing from looking dull and dehydrated.

Girls, I have given you some of the important tips to make your body, skin, hair look younger and fresh. Now try them out, and make people in your surroundings shower praises on you 🙂 . Do write to us to express your views. C ya…

So here I am signing off tadaa. … 🙂 🙂

About Piyali Toshniwal

Piyali is from Mumbai. She born in Kolkata and brought up in different cities of India. Since her dad had a transferable job, She has travelled many states and cities of India. From there her passion for travelling arose. She love to travel and explore new places. She is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer with MBA in Finance from Mumbai University. She has a passion for beauty and fashion and love to experiment with her looks a lot hence her inclination to write for BHB. Business is what she enjoy the most. She has an Art Jewellery Brand named “PSJ-PiyaJewels” and event Management Company called “Radiance Events”. She is a very creative person and hence her work of creativity reflects in her ventures. She like to live life to the fullest & try to enjoy every possible bit of it! Her motto of life is “Keep Smiling, it’s the best Jewellery one can wear”


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