Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Shade 28 Review

Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Shade 28 Review

Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Shade 28 – Whenever it comes to makeup, eyeliner tops my list. I love trying different shades of eyeliner and by now I have tried almost all brands. It’s so much fun playing with different colors of eyeliner. Do you feel the same?


I have tried two other shades also from Inglot. This time I bought Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Shade 28 which is deep teal i.e. mixture of blue and green. But this looks more like green and blue is missing. I don’t know why companies do this *hate*.

Net vol.  1.13 gms for Rs. 590/-

Ingredients : not available

Directions to Use: Stretch the eye lid from the corner and glide it across in a single stroke.



Shelf life: 24 months

Color of the product: Deep teal

Smell : nothing



What Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Shade 28 claims – 

Molded type pencil with soft but precise application.

inglot on my eyes




Feel about Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Shade 28:

The packaging is done in the pencil form which I like a lot because the twist-up pencils end up breaking (don’t know why). The pencil has a rear tip of the color and it makes easier to identify the color in your vanity, this saves your time. This does not include a sharpener and you need to purchase a separate one, I hate pencils which do not have in built sharpener in it. I bought this color because of the shade which is teal but when I received this pencil (I ordered it online) I was shocked to see the color. It was not teal at all, it was green.

Inglot people should know the difference between teal and green. The pencil is creamy but not very creamy (thank god) otherwise it would not suit me as I have oily lids. Due to its creamy texture it glides smoothly making the application easier. Since the pencil is creamy it is not smudge proof which is the biggest con for me. I can’t keep my hands away from my eyes and whenever I do so I end by with raccoon eyes *crying*. Many types of eyeliner irritate my eyes but this one did not which is really good even when I used it on my waterline. So, people with sensitive eye lids won’t face any problem with this pencil. The staying power is quite good and stays for 5 hours on me without any primer but you have to be really careful as it’s not smudge proof. The pencil can be easily removed with the help of eyeliner.

Pros of Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Shade 28

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to apply
  • Creamy and smooth texture
  • Good staying power

Cons of Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Shade 28

  • The eyeliner is expensive; I can’t pay 600 INR for a pencilL. There are many drugstore brands whose eyeliner pencil is really good and inexpensive.
  • It’s not smudge proof, I and paying Rs 600 and still not getting a smudge proof pencil. This is really disappointing.
  • It doesn’t have an in-built sharpener.

Availability:  Easy available online.

Fashion and Beauty Rating: 3/5 ♥♥♥

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  1. Kiran Raj Singh

    Good color for fair skin tone girls.. 🙂

  2. beautiful eyes you have!!! and nice review!

  3. Yes it’s a very good color! :*

  4. Thank you so much shilpa.!! 🙂

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