Indian Vegan Brands List

Hiii Ladies! I am back with a new post- Indian Vegan Brands List. Our makeup industry is on a rise these days. Makeup manufacturers are also coming up with awesome products which are not only reasonably priced but also very good in terms of quality. That is the major reason why Indian girls are not only buying makeup from Indian brands but also they are using them and happily re-purchasing too. But have you ever thought of some dark sides of this makeup industry? Have you heard of animal testing?? Well, there are a number of brands in India and even in foreign which test products on animals before commercially producing them. This gives rise to cruelty makeup products. So, here today we will be covering such brands in India which are cruelty free. They are known as Vegan brands. Take a look below at the Indian Vegan Brands List, brands who believe in no violence even on animals.

Indian Vegan Brands List

Soultree among Indian Vegan Brands List


A very popular Indian vegan brand which mostly deals with basic skin care stuffs like bath soap, salt, moisturisers, night cremes, lip balms and hair care products like shampoo and conditioner. It has expanded its product portfolio and currently is catering to two more makeup products – Kajal and lipsticks. The parent company of soul tree is vedicare ayurveda. The company does not test on animals and its testing comply with the regulations of BDIH(Germany).

Aloe Veda among Indian Vegan Brands List

Aloe Veda

Another ayurvedic brand in India which mostly deals with the skin care stuff like, soaps, moisturisers, night cremes, shower gels, body spa, massage, body oils. The products of this vegan brand is known to have goodness of natural and ayurvedic products. Aloe Veda is owned by Chennai based consumer marketing company Aloe veda personal care. I have used cold pressed castor oil from this brand and that is really good.


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The Natures Co among Indian Vegan Brands List

The-Natures Co.

A very popular vegan brand in India. The brand is certified by PETA as being cruelty free and completely organic. This is owned by Amar remedies which is a very old company incorporated in the year 1984. Natures co have a huge range of bath and skin care products. They also have their very own website where wide arrays of products are available. They also have a monthly subscription box under which you can various products at a very effective price.

Soulflower among Indian Vegan Brands List


This vegan brand offers products in bath and massage sections. The brand is started by two budding business men Amit and Natasha. The brand is not only known for its ayurvedic organic products but also for its attractive and colourful packaging. Soulflower has came up with an unique concept of roll-on which is very handy to use instead of deodorants. Their products are really very effectively priced and you can find them at no. of websites.

Aroma Magic among Indian Vegan Brands List

Aroma Magic

One of my most favorite skin care brand. The brand is owned by Blossom Kocchar. They have quite good and wide range of products in their skin care line. Aroma Magic doens’t deal with makeup stuff. Their products are completely free of Parabens, chemicals, SLS and such harmful chemicals. Lately, they come in really attractive packaging. They also come up with very attractive pricing which makes the brand much more desirable.

Thus, this is the Indian Vegan Brands List, these are some of the responsible cosmetic brands in India. I would request all of you to please buy more and more products from this brand and lets promote their ayurvedic products. Lets set an example for other brands too that business and profit can be incurred by playing it safe and clean too.

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Pallavi Lives in the shopaholic Delhi. Yes, she is a big shopaholic and movie freak too. she loves fashion and styling too. But her makeup is limited to kohl s and lipsticks. they are her safe choices. But she is learning to expand her horizon. she loves trying different skin care products too.


  1. That’s a good number of vegan brands in India. I hope this number keeps increasing.

  2. Very useful compilation 🙂

  3. There are more! 🙂 Biotique, himalaya herbals, patanjali.. 🙂 🙂

  4. I want to know about lakme is lakme and colorbar colours esens herbal cosmetics brand

  5. Is aroma magic really veg? I mean their do their products also do t contain animals, as in they don’t kill animals or is it just that they don’t test on animals?

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