Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo Review

Hello Readers, I am going to post Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo Review. Every time you get a haircut done the new look is super impressive. People compliment you for the change and every time standing before the mirror you actually get to see a new ‘you’. Good looks are important to boost up the confidence of a person but unfortunately within sometime the new hair look becomes monotonous and even on special occasions if you happen to have the same hairstyle then hardly would anyone notice. I picked up Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo because I wanted to create different hair dos on different occasions and keep flaunting a new me every time 🙂

Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo Review

Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo is designed to include many superior features that permit you the fullest expression of your living skill and enthusiasm. It has a lot of thoughtful features built in to make you living convenient. It bears the hallmark of excellence which is a result of vigorous quality consciousness in design and development of Inalsa Products.

Price of Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo : Rs. 1395/-

Ingredients : None

Directions for use : Detailed instruction manual provided along with the curler

Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo instructions

Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo barrel

Warranty : 1 year

Color : Silver and Black

Smell : None

Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo parts

What Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo claims

  • Comfortable Grip
  • High/low Temperature Control
  • On/Off Indicator Light
  • Safety Support Base
  • 360° Rotating Cord
  • Cool Tip

 Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo switch

My experience with Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo

Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo is a quick and easy to use hair tool. The curler has a metal body with a cool tip on one side and a 360 degree rotating swivel cord on the other end to avoid detangling of hair. The curler can be plugged into any normal electric switch board and there is a red light signifying that the tool is in use. Two heating positions are provided high and low with an on/off switch. A safety stand is provided to help the product rest on any surface while heating up. The packaging could have been better had it been stuffed in bubble wraps inside the cardboard box although I received my hair curler in an undamaged condition.

As per instruction Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo needs to be preheated for 5 minutes. One should use this on clean hair that is free from dirt or other sprays but of course it can be used for touch ups too. The hair is to be divided into small sections and few strands together of 1 inch deep and 2 inch wide are to be taken at a time. The portion taken up should be smooth and free from tangles, if not then brushing is recommended. This section of hair is to be rolled on the barrel by pressing the handle of the clamp down. For support one can take help of the cool tip. Once it is done the rolled part is to be left as that for 20 seconds maximum. After this the hair should be withdrawn very gently and left untouched till it cools down.

The best part of Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo apart from its affordability is that the instruction leaflet has everything in detail and that too explained in the simplest language possible. I use an anti heat spray before using this curling rod to safeguard my hair from damage. As I got dry and color treated hair I need 20 seconds per section for the curling process. People who have fragile hair should set the temperature at low while curling. Even the cleaning part is easy as a damp cloth can do the job when the rod is not in use. There are few cautions mentioned on the instruction manual which are to be followed religiously for a safe use every time. After getting the curling done, I lock it with a fixing spray to hold the hair look and am done.

Overall Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo is an easy to use hair curler that gives soft wavy and beautiful curls which feels great to be flaunted. Its instruction manual is like a beginner’s complete guide to the product. Highly recommended to every woman who want a basic hair curler to try different hair looks every day.

Good about Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo

  •   Creates beautiful curls
  •   360 degree swivel cord
  •   Cool tip provided for support
  •   Detailed instruction manual
  •   Easy to use
  •   Great for beginners
  •   Separate temperate settings
  •   Does not need high maintenance
  •   Affordable

Bad about Inalsa Hair Curler in Stylo

  • Working with salt spray or other curling balm may be difficult
  • Just a basic hair curler nothing extraordinary and that’s all.

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

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