Important Tips to Apply Blusher

Being a makeup-holic I must say that wearing a makeup and doing a makeup is two different field of art. If know either of them , then you can’t say that you are perfect in both. There are people who can do makeup flawlessly like the makeup artist, but are not confident enough to carry it on. Similarly there tones of people who love to wear makeup all the time, and they know too how to wear it but spoils it when they have to do it on their own.

Important Tips to Apply Blusher

So let us talk about how can do the makeup in such a way that you don’t end up looking like a clown. When it comes to makeup, each and every part is important and requires some attention. But we often ignore the blush on part. Today I am going to tell you how often you do wrong makeup and also share will share Important Tips to Apply Blusher. By the end of this post you will know how exactly one should apply blush on to get a glamorous look.

Blush on is that part of the makeup which if applied correctly can give you a stunning look, but again if you missed it by even an inch you will spoil the whole look. Blush on if applied a proper way can do wonder on your face. It can be use to contour the several parts. It can be used to define your nose and cheek bones. When used properly can make you look slimier and toned. So let us have a view how you can skip yourself in doing mistakes.

Important Tips To Apply Blusher – Choose your Blush correctly (as per complexion)

Blusher not only brings some highlight to your cheek bones, but it is the one which gives you perfect even toned look. It should be chosen in a right way. One should keep in mind that blush on should suit her skin complexion. Like, if you have darker skin tone, then pinks and peaches would not go best with your tone. So next time when you go for shopping blushers keep this point in your mind.

Blushers look glamorous only if it suits our skin tone, so never judge it by seeing the variant colors, go for the one which suits you. There is no harm to stick with a color. If it is giving you the desired look then I don’t see any requirement of experimenting with new colors.

Important Tips to Apply Blusher, lakme blush

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Important Tips To Apply Blusher – Choose your Blush as per Skin Type

Once you know the range of shades which going to suit your complexion, you need to know what kind of skin type you owe. Why it is so necessary to choose a blush on according to your skin type? Yes this question may arise in your mind. Actually when you apply concealer and face powder on your cheek, they get merged with your base primer and give you flawless look. What will happen when you will put on say, some greasy blusher on your oily skin? This blusher will crack after few hours and will make you look cakey. Now I guess you understood why I was concerned about your skin type. There are wide ranges available, you can choose powder form or cream form whatever you feel like. It is all up to to you but consider this point especially when you have the oily and dry skin.

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Important Tips to Apply Blusher, maybelline blush

Important Tips To Apply Blusher – Correct Applicators

It is really important, when it comes to blusher that you should start with some beginner brushes. I personally use kabuki brushes to give little highlight to my cheeks. If you want to define and make your face look slimmer, you should always go for more fine brushes.

In case you end up with too much blush on your skin, you can fix it by simply dabbing fresh cotton swab on the effected part and then putting some face powder (without shimmer). This will help you to fix these kinds of issues.

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Important Tips To Apply Blusher – Cream, Gel or Powder?

This is an important point of concern; most of the people don’t know exactly the difference between these forms. Generally people have a habit of choosing anything which looks good or anything that allures them. When it comes to blusher, then you must know these important points.

  • Like if you have oily skin, then you should never go for cream or gel based blusher. Always choose powder blushers, they will help you to control your oil secretion and will give you a matte effect along with the touch of glamour.
  • Similarly in case you have dry skin, you must apply cream or gel based blushers as they will keep your skin more hydrated and will nourish it time to time. This can save you from that crack look.

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Important Tips to Apply Blusher, blush application

Important Tips To Apply Blusher – Proper Application

Blushers are used to highlight the cheek bones, not the entire cheek. So its application should be done very carefully, and one must keep in mind that to highlight the cheek bones you need to smile by showing your beautiful set of teeth. This will make your cheek bones more define now you can apply the blusher in the area where you notice your cheek bones. This also helps to give a slimmer look to your chubby cheeks.

Important Tips To Apply Blusher – Cautious while using Bronzer

Bronzers are quite different from the blusher, and one must clear the difference between them. Bronzers are only used to add shimmer and sun kissed look. They should be used carefully with more pony taped brushes. When you apply it , you should make clear one thing in mind that which area are generally exposed to sun light, and then one must start applying bronzer to those areas. Never use too much of bronzer else you will look like a metal piece.

Keep it simple and sexy. Always remember these points next time when you are about to commit a mistake while applying blusher, just consider these points and a cast a spell on every one with your sun kissed look.

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  7. I so agree that blush need to be applied in a proper direction. In spite of having the right blush shades and tools, I have seen so many women spoil the effect just because they didn’t apply it as per their face shape. One should find out their face shape and then apply it as per that.

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