Importance of Face Massage

Hey pretty women!! I have been missing in action since a few days since there is a marriage at my place and really could not get the time to write for my favorite blog. Excuse me for that, first of all. Well, today we are going to talk about a beauty regimen that most of us tend to ignore – Face Massage. So today, my post is about Importance of Face Massage.

Importance of Face Massage

If I talk about the very basic steps of a good skin care regimen, I would take the following names, which is, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, exfoliation, packs and massage. Each step has it’s own function and skipping anyone of these, reflects on your skin.To be really honest, while I am quite particular about CTM and even scrubbing twice or thrice a week for my combination skin but massages and face packs, I tend to skip on a weekly basis. Let’s take a look at Importance of Face Massage and why we should not ignore it at all.

Face pack application once a week to firm your skin and a nice, stimulating facial massage once or twice a week is of vital importance to your face. Face is a reflection into your soul. Throughout the week, you go through ups and downs of emotions, tempers, work stress, environmental stress… all this builds up in you and it definitely shows on your face as dullness of complexion, tiredness, Puffy eyes, dark circles etc. So, once a week, at least make an effort to massage your face.

Importance of Face Massage, why face massage is important

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Massage is best done with any oil that suits your skin. Olive oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil and Patanjali Tejus Tailum make some really good options. Here are few top benefits of massaging your face:

  • It releases pent up tension from the muscles of your face
  • It is a form of self exercise for your facial muscles that helps in preventing wrinkles
  • It stimulates circulation in your face encouraging more blood flow. More blood flow means more nutrients reaching your face.
  • It leads to fluxing out of toxins from beneath your skin.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage.
  • Massage leads to opening of pores which leads to better benefits of face pack application since the face pack can pull out impurities better and the nutrients from face pack can reach deeper levels of your skin.
  • It leads to better tone and complexion if your face.
  • Cell regeneration is stimulated and elasticity of skin also improves.

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Importance of Face Massage, how to do face massage

How to Do Face Massage

  • Cleanse your face with a cleanser of your choice.
  • Steam your face so that pores dialate.
  • Use a mild scrub to remove dead skin and impurities.
  • You can now apply oil or a good quality massage cream on your face. You can also mix in some vitamin E into your cream, provided, you do not have active acne.
  • Massage along your jaw line, over your forehead along bridge of your nose and cheek area. Always keep the strokes moderate. Use upward and outward strokes to ease out fine wrinkles and lines and give your facial muscles a good stretch.
  • Do watch some videos on YouTube to get an idea of certain good massage strokes.

Importance of Face Massage, face massage

That’s all for now! Now that you know the Importance of Face Massage, do include it in your skin care routine and enjoy healthy, beautiful skin for a long, long time 🙂

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  1. Face massage does rejuvenate the facial skin and pump blood in that region. Well written article.

  2. Thank you Ankita. Even I am making an effort to include massages in my skin care routine.

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