How to Use Rose Water to Treat Dry Skin

Hey guys! Many of you must be having queries or kinds of confusions related to dry skin and its easy, hassle-free treatments. Well getting that done is not a big deal at all. Because treating dry skin needs nothing but a few simple ingredients. So if there is anything that is keeping you from having smooth, supple skin when you should have, then the key to curing this is rose water. There can be various reasons of dry skin, like weather conditions or maybe less intake of water or beauty products having insensitive effectsBut worry not because in this post we will discuss How to Use Rose Water to Treat Dry Skin.

How to Use Rose Water to Treat Dry Skin

Rosewater as facial cleanser/toner to Treat Dry Skin

  • It is a very handy, easy and an effective way to treat your dry skin. It just doesn’t keep your skin soft enough, but also makes you face glow in a natural manner. Undoubtedly, most of the facial toners/cleansers have chemicals.

Directions : take a cotton ball and soak it in rose water and gently dab onto your skin to remove any makeup or dirt. You can do this anytime you wish to do.

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How to Use Rose Water to Treat Dry Skin, rose water for skin

Rosewater, Glycerin and Olive oil to Treat Dry Skin

  • Now this is one of the recipes you’ll love to get home made within no time. While rosewater gives you skin toning and hydration, glycerin helps making it supple and moisturized, and olive oil adds glow and softness.

Directions : take a teaspoon or two of rosewater, mixing it with a teaspoon of glycerin and 1 ½ teaspoon of olive oil. Apply the mixture onto your face and neck area to revive your skin. Best time to do this will be in the morning when you wake up or at night before going off to bed.

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Rosewater and Moisturizing Cream To Treat Dry Skin

How to Use Rose Water to Treat Dry Skin, rose water and roses

  • Nothing fussy or very complicated, it is one of the simplest ways to treat dry skin in a usual manner. All you need is a moisturizer of your choice and rosewater. In a week you’ll see and feel yourself smooth and soft skinned.

Directions : mix rosewater and glycerin in proper consistency and apply onto your skin.

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So now you know how simple and effectual these amazing rosewater recipes are! Get going, and try one of them to see the difference yourself.

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  1. Rose water is really very good for your skin ?

  2. I m extremely fond of roses…will definitely incorporate it more in my regime ?

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