How to Use Jackfruit for Skin Care

Hello girls! How’s summer treating you so far? Blazing sun, sweaty days..its terrible for most of us, but one thing you can’t ignore, summer is the season of fruits. Mango, jackfruit, lichi, cucumber, watermelon..yumm! I can bear with summer just for cucumber and watermelon 🙂 And jackfruit, yes this poky summer fruit just can’t be missed! Jackfruit is aromatic and renowned for its delicious taste. And you know something, this yellow fruit has some amazing beauty benefits for skin and hair. In this post, we will discuss about How to Use Jackfruit for Skin Care. Jackfruit is known as ‘jack of all fruits’. It is a rich source of vitamin, nutrients, carbohydrate, fiber, phytonutrients etc. Jackfruit contains calorie, but no cholesterol or saturated fats. Also this fruit can be used to make beauty packs for skin. The sweet juice of jackfruit leaves you with glowing skin. So lets take a look below to find out How to Use Jackfruit for Skin Care.

How to Use Jackfruit for Skin Care

Use Jackfruit for Acne

Well, most of us start suffering from acne as soon as summer arrives. Now, here is the solution. You can apply the jackfruit pulp directly on to the acne, leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water.

Use Jackfruit to Remove Tan

Summer and tanning is almost synonymous. And getting rid of this tan is such a pain. Mix lemon juice and jackfruit pulp and then apply this paste on the tanned areas. Let it sit for some time and then wash off with plain cold water. Do it once in a week and within a month, you will see positive results.

How to Use Jackfruit for Skin

Use Jackfruit for Wrinkles

Untimely wrinkles bother us a lot. Jackfruit can help you to get rid of them. Mix 1 tbsp of milk with some jackfruit pulp. Now gently massage this paste on the wrinkles and let it sit there for 10 minutes. Wipe away and then wash your face with cold water and ice.

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Use Jackfruit to Treat Blemishes

Jackfruit, being a rich source of Vitamin C, is highly beneficial in treating blemishes. Sun dry some jackfruit seeds and then grind them to get powder. Now make a paste using jackfruit seed powder and honey. Apply it on the scars and let it dry. Rinse off.

Use Jackfruit for Glowing Skin

Jackfruit can give you glowing skin naturally. Sun dry some jackfruit seeds and then grind them along with milk and honey. Apply this paste on face and neck, allow it to dry and then wash off. Also add jackfruit to your summer diet for healthy skin that glows naturally.

Tips to Use Jackfruit for Skin Care

Use Jackfruit to Treat Skin Pigmentation

We ladies often suffer from dark patches around our mouth area and chin. Jackfruit juice can lighten the pigmentation and help skin get back to its original color. Simply massage a jackfruit pod in circular motion around the mouth area for 5 minutes. Let it dry and then rinse off.

Use Jackfruit for Oily Skin

Jackfruit helps to control excess oil on the face. Take 5 jackfruit pods and grind them with some olive oil. Apply the paste on face, leave it on for 30 minutes and then using warm water, wash it off. This will take away excess oil from the face and tone up oily skin beautifully.

So these are some tricks and tips on How to Use Jackfruit for Skin Care. Jackfruit is really easy to use for skin care. However, due to the milk present in jackfruit, it can irritate your skin sometimes. So you should do a patch test before using jackfruit for your skin care.

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