How to Use Facial Oil in 6 Different Ways

How to Use Facial Oil in 6 Different Ways – Facial oils are on the rise of late. When we hear ‘Facial Oil’ the first thing that comes to our mind is an oil that is supposed to smear on the face, but that’s not the only use of facial oil, it can be used in various other ways. People with dry skin are already aware of the benefits of facial oil, but those with oily skin have always steered clear from it. But the latest formulas are lightweight and gets absorbed quickly, so every skin type can take the advantage of facial oil’s skin nourishing properties. Facial oil provides more hydration than any traditional moisturizer, but apart from that, there are several other ways through which facial oils benefit our skin. Keep on reading to find out How to Use Facial Oil in 6 Different Ways.

How to Use Facial Oil in 6 Different Ways

How to Use Facial Oil in 6 Different Ways

Mix it With Body Lotion

No matter which body lotion you use, just mix few drops of facial oil with it. It will help the body lotion to glide smoothly on the skin and also increase the level of hydration.

Use as Under Eye Cream

We all know that the under eye are has the most delicate skin which shows off the signs of aging earlier that the rest of the face. That’s why our under eye area needs lot more hydration. Use few drops of facial oil on the under eye area. Facials oils can penetrate our skin at a deeper level than cream or gel which makes it much more effective than any regular under eye cream or gel to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

6 Different Ways to Use Facial Oil

Heal Sun Burnt Skin

If you forget to apply sunscreen or spend too much time in the sun, chances of getting a bad sun burn is high. In case this happens to you, apply few drops of your facial oil to the sun burnt skin. This will help the area to remain hydrated which in turn will speed up the healing process. Also it will prevent peeling of the skin.

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Apply as Primer

Yes, that’s right. Facial oils can be used as face primer. It makes skin well hydrated which is the foundation of any good makeup look. Before applying anything on the face, apply few drops of facial oil to the skin and massage gently. Wait until it gets absorbed. This will allow smoother application of makeup. Alternatively one can mix few drops of facial oil with the foundation and then apply it on the face. This will give a hydrated glow to the face.

Use underneath Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is very much in trend these days. But even the high end liquid lipsticks tend to dry out our lips after few hours. This is the reason many of us stay away for pure matte formulas. Apply a few drops of facial oil onto the lips. Wait for few minutes and then apply the liquid lipstick. It will prevent dry lips even after several hours.

How to Use Facial Oil in Different Ways

Make Your Highlighter Pop

Take a couple of drops of your facial oil and lightly pat onto the areas where you want to apply highlighter. This will help your highlighter pop like never before! Also you can mix few drops of facial oil with chalky eye shadows to get a nice pop of color on the lids.

That was a list of How to Use Facial Oil in 6 Different Ways. Facial oils are normally quite expensive, but now you know that not only as a face moisturizer but you can use it in so many different ways. Therefore, its worth every penny you spend.

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