How to Use Essential Oils for Skin

Who doesn’t want a healthy, glowing, beautiful skin? And usually we don’t leave any stone unturned to achieve beautiful, radiant skin. But what most of us do not know is that essential oils can actually help us to get the skin we all desire for. A beautiful, healthy skin contributes a lot in our appearance as well as self confidence. And essential oils can help us to achieve this. Essential oils are great skin moisturizers and they can effectively cleanse our skin cells. Essential oils should definitely be a part of our daily beauty regimen for their amazing skin healing qualities. Check out my post on How to Use Essential Oils for Skin.

How To Use Essential Oils for Skin

Just like any other skin care products, using essential oil also depends on our skin type. Since essential oils penetrate deep into our skin layer, so we have to be very careful while choosing essential oils for our skin. Our skin types can be divided into four categories : Dry skin, normal skin, oily skin and combination skin. But skin types can change several times depending on different seasons, menopause etc. Your usual dry skin can turn into oily during summer. So you must consider all these matters before choosing essential oil for your skin and change them as per your skin requirements. But getting a bottle of essential oil is not enough, you need to know how to use it. Right? This article talks about How to Use Essential Oils for Skin.

Let’s Check Out Which Essential Oil Suits What Skin Type 

Essentials oils for dry and sensitive skin : lavender, rose, chamomile, geranium, patchouli, hyssop, neroli, ylang ylang

Essential oils for oily skin : lemon, juniper, sage, fennel, frankincense, cedarwood

Essential oils for normal skin : chamomile, fennel, lemon, rose, sandalwood, patchouli

Few essential oils like lavender and geranium can be used on all skin types.

If you have combination skin, then choose the oils suitable for oily skin for the greasy parts and oils for normal skin for rest of your face.

essential oils for skin, How to Use Essential Oils for Skin

Methods of Using Essential Oils for Skin 

Masks – Clay or oatmeals are best to use in face mask. If you are using powdered clay, mix it with hot water and make a paste. Let it cool and add yogurt and add 15 drops of essential oil as per your skin type. Alternatively, make a paste of finely ground oatmeal and allow it to cool. Add 15 drops of essential oil. Apply on your face and let it dry and wash off.

Facial toner – Essential oils make great skin toner. If you have dry/sensitive skin, use rose water as base and choose any of the essential oils suitable for your skin type. Replace rose water with witch hazel if you have oily skin. Chamomile tea can also be used as base for skin toner. If you have normal skin, add 2 drops of lavender or orange essential oil to chamomile tea and for oily skin, use juniper or lemongrass essential oil. If your skin is dry, use rose or sandalwood oil. Let it cool and use as your normal skin toner.

Massage oil – Massage is one of the best ways to enjoy the goodness of these essential oils, because you receive the healing properties of essential oils together with the benefit of body massage. You can use one or up to five different kinds of essential oils depending on your skin type. Use 5 drops of essential oil for every 1 tbsp of carrier oil.  For sensitive skin, use 3 drops of essential oil for every 1 tbsp of carrier oil. For face massage, use 1 drop for every 3 tbsp of carrier oil or moisturizer.

essential oils for skin (2), How to Use Essential Oils for Skin

Bathing – Nothing can beat a warm and soothing bath after a long, tiring day and using essential oils can make it a fantastic relaxing experience. Add 6-8 drops of essential oil (suitable for your skin) in the bathtub filled with water and allow them to disperse properly before getting in. If you are using more than one essential oil, never exceed a total of 8 drops altogether. For citrus oils, use 4 drops. For a truly blissful experience, take bath, dry off and then take a body massage (as mentioned above).

Facial steam – For a soothing experience, add 5 drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil to the hot water. Use peppermint or rosemary essential oils for a stimulating steam.

Skin cleanser – Choose the essential oil/oils according to your skin type and add them to any unscented cleanser or mild liquid soap for maintaining your skin’s ph balance.

Footbath – Footbaths are great if you have a long day on your feet and you want to pamper them a little bit at the end of the day. Using essential oils such as rosemary, lavender or chamomile can give you relief from pain. Footbath using one drop each of peppermint, rosemary and lavender essential oil can be a truly soothing experience for your tired, hot feet.

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Essential oils are very powerful and if you haven’t already into it, do it fast and surely you are going to get amazed with the wide range of benefits that a small bottle of essential oil can do for your skin and overall health.

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