How to use Castor oil for Hair

Hey ladies!! Today I am going to tell you about How to use Castor oil for Hair.?I was so worried at first, that how one can use such a thick consistency oil. I mean we just avoid using such oils which sticks to our hair and looks very bad. Then there was a long weekend and I thought I must give a try to castor oil. I have used almost all the varieties of oil available in the market and this was the one which was yet to try. In this post I will tell you that How to use Castor oil for Hair.

how to use castor oil for hair

Before that let me tell you how I discovered that this is the best oil for hair growth. I started using it like crazy. It was sticky but yes you can have it on your weekend or at night or just an hour champi to get rid of all the hair woes. I used it for a month, like twice a week and the results was astonishing. I was so overwhelmed to see my hair the shine was back, there was no sudden hair breakout, they start looking healthy and I must say little longer 🙂

How to use Castor oil for Hair

how to use castor oil for hair, castor oil

  • You can use this recipe if you don’t want to use castor alone as a savior. Just put few drops of castor oil in your regular oil and massage with it. This will help you to reduce the thick consistency of the oil.
  • You can use a paste of egg and castor oil this. Just whisk the egg and oil together to get a nice blend. Use this paste to wash your hair and you will never ever need a serum or conditioner again for your hair.
  • You can make your own hair mask with castor oil. Put some overnight copper soaked yogurt. Add few drops of castor oil and jojoba oil to it. And make a thick paste so that you can apply it on to your scalp easily.
  • You can put some drops of castor oil in your regular henna?to get rid of dandruff. You just have to mix the castor oil with the mehndi and make a paste of it.


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how to use castor oil for hair, castor oil for hair

I have seen a visible reduction in hair fall and dandruff which are the main concern in winter. So girls this winter use castor oil as much as you can. It is harmless and full of antibacterial elements which will not only help you to keep away from dandruff but will help you to give strength to the roots. Hope you all will try this out.

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  1. I have just incorporated castor oil in my regime. Will try these tips

  2. I too use it sometimes. Niw will+use it regularly! Good informative post!!

  3. thanx a lot dear, but trust me one must try castor 🙂

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