How to Use Camphor for Hair

Camphor is commonly used in aarti and puja rituals but few are aware of the beauty benefits of the same. Camphor has antiseptic, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which helps to kill lice, fight hair fall and stimulate new hair growth too. There are two kinds of camphor available – one in edible form and the other is synthetic. For application on skin and hair we need the commonly available synthetic camphor. In this post, we will discuss How to Use Camphor for Hair.

How to Use Camphor for Hair

How to Use Camphor for Hair – Camphor oil

In order to use camphor for hair one has to prepare camphor oil or get one from the market. One needs coconut oil and two pieces of camphor to make camphor oil. Warm some coconut oil and take it off the gas. You can also microwave the coconut oil for a minute in a heat resistant container. Add two pieces of camphor to this and let it get completely dissolved into the oil. Your home made camphor oil is ready.

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This camphor oil has the following benefits :

  • Fights Dandruff
  • Relieves itchy scalp
  • Stop Hair Loss
  • Stimulates hair regrowth
  • Kills Lice

Some other ways of using camphor oil for hair related problems are listed below.

Camphor Oil for Grey Hair

Grey Hair is a common problem irrespective of the age of a person. Whether its a school going girl or an elderly person, this problem is being faced by all.  However no one likes to age early so hair dye is the only way out. However the chemical dyes are too harsh on the health of the hair and leads to hair fall and other scalp problems. Regular oiling with camphor oil can postpone the condition of premature graying of hair without any side effects.

How to Use Camphor for Hair, remedy for grey hair


  • Camphor
  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Coconut oil

Take extra virgin coconut oil and boil it with hibiscus flowers. After putting off the gas add two pieces of camphor to this mixture. Use this in lukewarm condition and massage it nicely on the scalp and hair. Doing this regularly prevents early graying of hair.

Camphor Oil for Baldness

Bald spots on the scalp comes in the way of your hair styling as flat hair cannot be styled as per desire. Stress and pollution may be the causes of hair fall yet this can easily be cured with regular oiling with camphor oil.

How to Use Camphor for Hair, remedy for grey hair


  • Camphor
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Coconut oil

Add fenugreek powder to coconut oil and warm it for some time. Before the mixture cools down add pieces of camphor to it and let it dissolve completely. Massage your roots and the bald spots generously with this concoction and repeat this thrice a week to get desired results.

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Camphor Oil for Lice

Lice gives one itchy and flaky scalp and damages the strands from the roots itself. Lice is also a sign of bad hygiene and can easily get transferred from an infected person to others. So get rid of lice to sort your hair problems. 

How to Use Camphor for Hair, remedy for lice

Ingredients :

  • Camphor
  • Castor Oil
  • Olive oil

Mix Castor oil in Olive oil in about 1:3 ratio and warm it up. Add about two pieces of camphor and once dissolved apply this onto the scalp and hair. With consistent application the pungent smell of castor oil and anti bacterial properties of camphor fights lice while olive help nourishes the strands.

That’s all friends! Hope you like my post on How to Use Camphor for Hair. Thank you!

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  1. my mom always used to add camphor to our coconut oil bottles. Now i know why!

  2. even my mom is very found of camphor in her hair oil 🙂 even she applied it on my hair too for dandruff cure

  3. which camphor to use ? synthetic ( the one used in rituals) or organic ones

  4. Hi

    Which camphor to use ? Synthetic – commonly available Or edible Pancha karpoor.???

    Few suggest of synthetic and few suggest panchakarpoor ie., natural /edible …creating lot of confusion…


  5. Mangalam Organics

    Camphor is very beneficial to health. It acts as medicine.
    It is available in tablets and Oil.

  6. Lice is not a hygienic problem, that’s the most ignorant thing you can say. Lice prefer clean hair. Even the most hygienic person can get lice. God knows where you got your information from.

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