How to Use Beer for Hair

Heya guys! How are you all? And your hair? The reason I ask this is that I think hair is very important part of us, like literally important. This is an agreeable statement, which is experienced by everyone so as to support this statement. Keeping hair healthy and stylish as well is pretty much a task. Completing this task to get healthier and best hair needs focus and best products being natural as much as it can be. Everyone wants healthy hair strands to flaunt it everywhere and to feel good about ourselves. Only a bunch of people know this fact that beer is a beneficial stuff to for hair, only if used in the proper way. Not only does it make hair good, also it makes hair growth easy. Let’s check out How to Use Beer for Hair.

How to Use Beer for Hair

Natural ingredient ‘silica’ in beer helps hair gain volume and makes it thicker. It proves to be good decision if you choose beer to attain hair volume in a natural way.

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Rinse Your Hair with Beer to Use Beer for Hair

How to Use Beer for Hair, rinse hair with beer

  • Firstly, wash your with your shampoo (mild) and then rinse it with beer as an alternative of using any conditioner.
  • Be careful, that the liquid gets in touch with scalp unlike conditioners.
  • Cover your head with a towel for about 20-25 minutes.
  • To get the beer smell out, wash off your hair with plain cold water.

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Add Beer in Hair Mask to Use Beer for Hair

How to Use Beer for Hair, egg and beer mask for hair

While you prepare your hair mask with natural ingredients, instead of pouring down some water in it, let the beer work itself in the hair mask. Not only will it benefit your hair; also will boost your hair development. Here is an easy to make hair mask recipe using beer.

  • Egg mask – take a yolk of an egg, add to it 80-100 ml organic beer. Combine it properly, and then tenderly apply on the scalp first. Then start distributing the mask evenly on the hair strands. Put on a shower cap for about 20-25 minutes and rinse with cold water properly.

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So with no fear of disappointments but only the elation of great hair, have a great beer wash you guys!

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  1. that’s such an interesting article. I have never tried it..

  2. I have tried this a few times. But the smell can get to you. You have to give it one point though, adds amazing volume and shine to hair.

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