How to Use Beauty Blender

Beauty blender is an egg shaped makeup tool made up of special anti bacterial foam that is now can be safely called as one of the best makeup application tools in the fashion and makeup industry. This wonder tool can be used either in dry form or damp form, as per your requirement and preference. This can can be used to apply foundation, concealers, cream blushes, eye shadows and even skin care products like serums, anti ageing skin treatments, under eye creams and moisturizing lotions. Let us talk about How to Use Beauty Blender.

How to Use Beauty Blender

How to use Beauty Blender to Apply Makeup

How to Use Beauty Blender, original beauty blender


  • This way you would end up using only the right amount of product and the coverage would look very natural and airbrush like making the foundation look like your own skin, only clearer and blemish free. Using this technique with the Beauty Blender is called stippling. The wider base is to cover larger patches of skin like cheeks and forehead and the pointed side allows you to apply makeup products properly in smaller areas like around the nose, lips, around eyes etc. The original beauty blender is the best for applying any kind of complexion product such as foundations, concealers, BB creams, CC creams etc. For concealers, use the pointed end as you need to apply concealer over spots only.

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  • Dip this sponge in a small tub full of cool water until it is totally saturated. Next, squeeze out all the water till the sponge is nothing but damp. As in, there should be nothing dripping from it. Now, dab the sponge on your makeup product from the back of your hand..say, foundation or makeup primer for an instance and then use it on your face in dabbing motion. You have to gently pat the beauty blender on your skin so as to deposit a fine layer of the makeup product on your skin giving you a very natural, veil like coverage.

How to Use Beauty Blender, beauty blenders

  • If you use the Beauty Blender in dry form, it acts as an makeup eraser. Well, it happens to all of us that we end up applying more blush on and sometimes, more bronzer perhaps. Dragging the dry beauty blender along that area would buff the excess and make up your blush/ bronzer look more subtle. Both the Original version that is hot pink in color and the Black version that is preferred by professionals.

How to Use Beauty Blender, micro mini beauty blender

  • You can use the green colored, mini beauty blender to apply concealers and eye shadows. The small size makes it easy to work with around eyes.

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How to Use Beauty Blender, pure beauty blender

  • You can again use the stippling motion of damp Beauty Blender to apply your skin care products. Damp and that’s why the Beauty Blender is already saturated, so it would not end up absorbing your skin care products leading to wastage. It can be used to apply an even layer of anti ageing serum over your face or to distribute your sunscreen evenly across your face and neck. It also helps deposit anti ageing creams deep into your skin helping them to act more effectively. Use the pure version of Beauty Blender for this as it is dye free and would not irritate even the most sensitive skin types.

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Based on many Youtube videos and reviews from actual users, Beauty Blender, though insanely priced for a makeup sponge, is worth every penny you spend since it is going to give you the most impeccable, seamless makeup application using very less product. Those who have used it swear by not buying any other makeup application tool, ever. So, go give a try for yourself and do let us know your experience! We are all ears!!

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