How To Use Almond Oil To Reduce Dark Circles

Eyes are the point of attraction of our face. Beautiful eyes can make us look gorgeous even when we are without makeup. On the other hand dull tired eyes can’t be hidden even behind tons of makeup. Not only beauty, eyes play an important part when we are communicating with others. So it is very important to take good care of our eyes. Most of us have a big collection of eye shadow, eye liner, kajal, highlighter, etc because we always want to make our eyes look beautiful.  But if you have dark circles, none of these stuffs can make you look beautiful. Dark circles make us look tired and aged. There are few natural remedies like almond oil can help us to get rid of dark circles. So check out my post on how to use Almond oil to reduce dark circles.
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How To Use Almond Oil To Reduce Dark Circles

Dark circles are actually the patches of dark skin that appear under our eyes. The reasons behind dark circles are lack of sleep, unhealthy food habit, sun exposure, heredity, ageing, dry skin, mental and physical stress, working for long hours in front of computer etc. Dark circle isn’t a serious skin problem, but it makes us look tired, aged, exhausted, unhealthy.  The skin under our eyes is super, super delicate and that’s why harsh chemical loaded products should always be avoided to get rid of dark circles. So why not use something gentle and natural? Almond oil is one such amazing natural remedy that helps to reduce dark circles. So read on to know how to use almond oil to reduce dark circles.

Almond oil 

Almond oil is known as superb skin food. Almond oil contains fatty acids which are extremely beneficial for skin nourishment. Almond oil helps to treat many skin problems. Almond oil has skin brightening properties as well as skin rejuvenating qualities. Almond oil is considered to be the best natural remedy to treat dark circles.

Different ways of using Almond oil to reduce dark circles 

Massage Almond oil to reduce dark circles

Almond oil has great moisturizing properties and it works great on the sensitive and delicate areas around our eyes. Gently massage almond oil on the dirk circles around the eyes before going to bed. Leave it overnight. This improves the blood circulation on that area and gradually reduces dark circles.

Almond oil and honey to reduce dark circles

Mix equal quantity of Almond oil and honey and massage on the dirk circles around the eyes for ten minutes every day.

Almond oil and milk to reduce dark circles

For this you will need sweet almond oil. Make a mixture of sweet almond oil and milk and apply it on the dirk circles. Relax for few minutes and wash off. It is a wonderful remedy to reduce dark circles. Alternatively, crush 4-5 almonds and mix them with milk to make a paste. Apply this on the affected areas and leave for 10-15 minutes and wash off.

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Few Simple Tips to Avoid Dark Circles 

  • Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is the main culprit behind getting dark circles.
  • Drink lots of water, always remember water is the best health drink for us.
  • Follow a healthy diet. Include lot of green veggies in your daily diet and also eat foods enriched in Vitamin A & E.
  • Simple regular exercises like walking, jogging, running etc are good for our overall health. Also yoga is another great way to stay beautiful and healthy.
  • Reduce your salt intake.
  • Never ever use chemical bleach on the delicate area around our eyes.
  • Protect your eye area from the harsh rays of sun. Always wear sunglass while you are out in the sun.

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With these few simple home remedies, bid adieu to your dark circles and regain that lost sparkle in your eyes. Keep healthy and stay beautiful 🙂

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  1. Kiran Raj Singh

    this tip is a really easy and effective 🙂 I love applying almond oil on my dark circles and its so effective

  2. I have always used almond oil as hair oil, but these are some great ways of using it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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