How to Use a Tampon

Hello ladies!?Here I am with yet another very informative post – How to Use a Tampon. Periods or menstrual cycle is something which we face regularly but still we avoid to talk or discuss about it. In rural India discussing about periods is still a strict no-no. It is still considered a taboo there. But you know girls we should talk more about it. the primary reason is that there are number of misconceptions surrounding to periods. It is such a vital cycle in ladies. So, it needs to be discussed. Infact women need to be educated about periods. Because we all are not aware about many important things about the natural thing which we go through every month.

How to Use a Tampon

And one such important point of discussion is TAMPONS. I am sure many of you won’t be aware of this word. So, let me first start with what do we mean by tampons?? Tampon is actually a mass of absorbent material. It is meant to absorb your menstruation blood. Now, you might be wondering as how is this possible. So, let me brief you as how it can be possible. Here i am giving you some points as How to Use a Tampon.

Buying a Tampon

You might have seen in medical stores they are available in variety of sizes and options. Two things you must bear in mind while buying tampons is that does it come with an applicator or not. A tampon which comes with an applicator is much easier to use. Also, tampons are varied in terms of absorbents too. So, you can choose the one depending on your level of absorption.

Wash Your Hands

Maintaining hygiene is the first thing. And in case of your monthly cycle you should always give preference to hygiene. If by mistake you drop the tampon on floor then its better to throw it away.

How Tampon should be used


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Inserting a Tampon

Now comes the most difficult part. But we will give you some easy tips and tricks to insert a tampon. You firstly need to sit comfortably and spread your knees apart so that you get easy visibility. The second task is to find your vagina. If you are not sure about it then try to find the direction of menstrual blood. I know this is the tricky part. But take your time. Now, you should hold the tampon correctly so that the midpoint of the tampon where the smaller tube meets the larger one. You need to hold this part between your thumb and middle fingers. Now, place the index finger at the end of the applicator where the string comes out. Slowly you need to insert the upper half and thicker portion of the tampon into your vagina. You can press the thinner side with your index finger in the upward direction. Now, finally pull out the applicator. Dont worry that the tampon will come out. If you have inserted it fully then it is not coming out.

Tips to Use a Tampon

Double Check It

Now, once when you are sure that you have the tampon inside, wear your panty and now check again if you are fully comfortable. Don’t step out of the bathroom if you are not fully sure.

Removing the Tampon

After 6 hours you should remove the tampon. Grab the string and pull it gently outwards. Wrap the tampon and throw it in dustbin. Again wash your hands for avoiding any kind of infections.

That was all about how to use tampons. I don’t feel it will be a burden to use any more for you guys. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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