How to Tweeze Eyebrow

I am feeling joie de vivre and you? I hope so!! Now a days my college has started and I am so much worried about my eyebrows. But one day I used many tips and then I got my shaped eyebrow. If you want to tweeze your eyebrow, ta daa….  here are the ways to tweeze your eyebrow. Being a teenage girl, I don’t go to parlor for threading but I want my eyebrows in shape and that’s why I had found these tips. So take a look at How to Tweeze Eyebrow.

How To Tweeze Eyebrow

Use Eyebrow Pencil to Tweeze Eyebrow

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You should use gently the eyebrow pencil to tweeze your eyebrow. Use a light shade pencil than your real eyebrow. Use little strokes on your eyebrow. Do not over line it. Try to use it naturally. Give a triangular shape on the end of your eyebrows. Make it thick and filled it.

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Use Eyebrow Razor to Tweeze Eyebrow

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Use razor for removing extra hair. Remove all forehead hair and give a correct shape to your eyebrow. Remove all thin hairs on the top of your eyebrow. If you clean your forehead, well you get your tweezed eyebrow. Always keep removing thick hair from your eyebrow.

Use Highlighter to tweeze Eyebrow

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You can use some highlighter on above of your eye. It gives a tweezing look to your eyebrows. Use some highlighter on the below and corners of your eyebrows. So it gives a perfect shape to your eyebrows.

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Perfect Threading to Tweeze Eyebrow

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You should go for threading at parlours. Threading gives the perfect shape to your eyebrows and increase it’s growth. So always go for threading first then tweeze your eyebrow because when it have perfect shape you will tweeze it easily.

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So here I tell you about How to Tweeze Your Eyebrow easily at your home. Try this and you will get surprised because these tips are working. Everyone wants teezed eyebrow so here are 3 formulas to get this. I will come back soon with next post. After using these tips your eyebrows will be ready for the party. You can tweeze your eyebrow before your any occassions like date, festivals and college functions.



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  1. I usually thread and use tweezer between threading. Makes the eyebrows manageable for longer

  2. Using razor is new to me!

  3. Great tips 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I’m about to get my eyebrows reshaped so these are great tips to keep in mind!

  5. Hey thank u friends n the eyebrow razor is specially available at markets

  6. Lovely tips. I use tweezer to manage the days I cannot hit the parlour

  7. threading is best for me 😉

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