How to Take Care of Your Skin in Humid Weather

Monsoon is already here in India. And right now while I am writing this post, it’s raining heavily outside. But there was no rain in the morning and then this sudden climate change! Such climate changes heavily affect our health and skin. All the seasons have their own skincare routine, but monsoon requires a special skincare regime. Reason? The wet, humid weather takes a heavy toll on our skin and gives rise to all kinds of skin problems. So it’s very important to follow a strict skin care routine on a daily basis. Let’s check out my post on How to Take Care of Your Skin in Humid Weather.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Humid Weather

With monsoon in full swing, it is very important that we give special attention to our beauty care regime. Though the temperature is generally cooler, but the damp and humid weather can bring a whole new set of skin problems like greasy skin, flaky skin, acne, blackheads etc. And these problems vary depending on our skin types – oily, dry and combination. Each skin has its own problem and as well as solution. Keeping the different skin types in mind, this article talks about How to Take Care of Your Skin in Humid Weather. Humid weather can wreck havoc on your skin if a proper skincare routine is not there. So what routine you need to follow? Read on to know!

Oily Skin Care in Humid Weather

Our facial skin tends to get oily during humid weather. So those who have oily skin, should be very careful as during humid weather the skin will get oilier and eventually lead to breakouts. If you have oily skin, use a very light weight moisturizer every day after taking bath. Make sure to scrub your face twice a week to remove the dead skin cells, dirt and grime. Always apply water or gel based sunscreen before stepping out in the sun to avoid tanning. Before bedtime at night, dab some floral toner on a cotton ball and wipe off your face to keep the skin hydrated. And when it comes to makeup, always choose light weight and waterproof makeup products for humid weather.

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Dry Skin Care in Humid Weather

Dry skin beauties need to be extra cautious during humid weather as most often dry skin tends to get flaky and itchy during this time. Use a good moisturizing lotion to keep your skin moisturized or alternatively massage your face daily with coconut oil or olive oil to prevent dryness. Use a cream based facial cleanser to clean your face and choose an alcohol free toner to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. Exfoliate twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells. For dry skin beauties, foundations work great during humid weather. But make sure to choose water proof makeup products and apply a heavy duty sunscreen with SPF 30+ before going out in the sun.

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Combination skin care in humid weather

Now this is a tricky skin type and people with combination skin need to take extra care of their skin during humid weather. Cleansing is extremely important for combination skin. Choose a gentle, moisturizing and soap free cleanser to remove excess oil from the T-Zone (which tends to be oily in case of combination skin) while moisturizing the drier parts of the face. Exfoliate your face twice a week to clean off dirt and prevent blackheads. Don’t forget to moisturize your face twice a day with a light weight moisturizer and use a gel based sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Opt for mineral based makeup as this is the best option for combination skin.

skincare in humid weather, How to Take Care of Your Skin in Humid Weather

Few Simple Tips for Healthy Skin in Humid Weather 

  • During humid weather, we tend to sweat a lot. So drink plenty of water to replace the lost moisture. Water also helps to detoxify and thus improve the overall kook of our skin.
  • Make sure your regular diet includes Vitamin E and Omega-3. These nutrients are rich in oils and help to nourish the skin from inside. Also take Vitamin C to as it helps to boost your resistance against diseases which are common in humid weather.
  • Use skincare products that contain chamomile, aloe vera, cucumber and lavender as they are soothing for skin and help to heal skin in the most natural way.
  • Use a chilled eye gel before bedtime to reduce any puffiness or irritation in the eye area. This will also help you to wake up with bright, fresh eyes.
  • When it comes to choose face moisturizer, go for the ones with serum or gel like consistency and make sure it contains lots of anti-oxidants to prevent skin rashes during humid weather. Oil free and non-comedogenic (do not clog pores) moisturizers are best for humid weather.
  • Go for detox facials to help drain the body toxins.
  • Fungal and bacterial infections are pretty common in humid weather. So use a good anti fungal powder on all body folds to avoid these infections.
  • Always remove makeup before going to sleep at night. This will help your skin to breathe as well as repair and replenish.

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So these are some of the best tips to take care of your skin in humid weather. Hope this article helps you to maintain a healthy skin in humid weather too! So take care and stay gorgeous 🙂

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