How to Take Care of Ethnic Sarees

Hey girls!! How your festive seasons are going on??? I hope it is going enjoyable and you do rock on every festival. So friends you have bought many sarees for these functions. Have you thought that how you keep your sarees in good condition? I think you all are always having a problem on this topic. So my ladies, here I am who solve your this problem with my today’s post- How to Take Care of Ethnic Sarees. I have many tips to take care of your sarees in a very appropriate way.


Our ehnic sarees our like piece of our heart. I saw my mom, how she take care of her Bengali and silk saris. I have no such experience with saris but I know that how to keep your saris in good condition for a long time. These tips suggested by my mom so these will prove best for your saris. So let’s check out How to Take Care of Ethnic Saris.

You buy very costly saris in festive occasions and then you didn’t take care well of saris and they got damaged when you want to wear it on other occasion. So I will tell you about some tips and precautions which make your sarees’s life long. These are very easy tricks which you should use on your every saris or clothes. Here is some tips which you should follow.


Say NO to Napthalene Balls to Take Care of Ethnic Sarees

You are very use to with these balls and you think that it make your sarees safe. But it is wrong, instead of giving safety; it can damage your saris. Naphthalene balls can make your saris destroy. It goes chemical reaction with silk and zaridar sarees. It can make your saris totally black or it can give black patches o your saris. So make a distance to these balls from your ethnic sarees. It damages the borders and the heavy works also. Therefore never use naphthalene balls on your saris.

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Get a Dryclean to Take Care of Ethnic Sarees

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ETHNIC SAREES 4This is very necessary for your royal sarees. It gives good treatment to your sarees and increase the life of it. Home cleaning is not very impressive for this because the water can damge the velvet works or the stone works of your sarees. So always dry clean these sarees, and never wash it in washing machine. These sarees are not made for machine cleaning so never think about the washing machine if want your sarees safe.

Always Use Cover to Take Care of Ethnic Sarees


Never hang your sarees on your wardrobe openly because there is many things which can ruin your sarees very badly. Your sarees can catch the dust easily, it get rubbed daily with other clothes. Its iron and patterns got shrink by this rubbing. So always use cover for your sarees and then hang it in your wardrobe. You can use plastic or jute covers, these covers will prove like a shield for your sarees.

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Never Use Perfumes to Take Care of Ethnic Sarees

Perfumes and deos don’t damage your cotton clothes but it can prove a virus for your silk, chiffon, jaipuri and net sarres. If you use perfume on your sarres and without clean it, you pack your sarees with cover, it will become damage. Perfumes make white spots on these sarees. So always use the deos on your body and the perfumes on wrist, and then wear any ethnic saree. By this tip you can avoid the white spots which are irremovable.

Newspapers are Best to Take Care of Ethnic Sarees

Never fold your sarees without newspaper because silk will damage by itself. It ruins itself. If you don’t use papers, you should use it after folding your sarees. Newspaper gives the required air and removes the moisture. Newspapers absorbs the moisture which your sarees catch easily in rainy season.

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Give Some Fresh Air to Take Care of Ethnic Sarees


Never keep your sarees in the cover for a long time. It will make your saris shrink. So give some fresh air to these sarees, therefore it will get its glaze back. Never hang your saris in direct sun light, it can also damage your ethnic sarees. So always use a shady place for giving fresh air to your saris.

There I have given you the tip which can maintain your saris new and safe. So try these tips with your sarees and increase the life of your saris. It will help you on each festive occasion and retain its quality. So use some precautions an make your sarees healthy and safe. I will come back with another useful topic.

Enjoy your festival!!!!

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