How to Style Long Kurta

How to Style Long Kurta – Kurtis have become a staple in Indian clothing. It’s such a comfortable and most worn piece that we all girls tend to love it. I guess it’s been 4-5 years since kurtis were launched and since then there is no going back. Every year and with every season we seem to witness one or the other variation of this dress. Be it in terms of length, material or pattern and we girls welcome all the variations with open heart. Recently long kurtis came in trend and here in this post, you will learn How to Style Long Kurta.


How to Style Long Kurta

There may be the case that these long kurtis are not meant for short or slightly heavy girls. They won’t be able to rock this look. But this is entirely wrong. Don’t believe me?? Then here I am sharing with you some easy tips and tricks with which you can get some tips of How to Style Long Kurta and rock the long kurta trend irrespective of any shape and size.

Corporate Look


If you are the one who loves to wear kurta in office and you are still trying to figure out on how to style long kurta as a formal wear then this point is for you. Just pair long collared straight kurta with leggings and see the Indian version of formal look.

Jacket it Up


An easy peasy way of how to style long kurta. Most people have complained that long kurta can be a bit boring and similar to wear. So, what you can do. Try to wear a jacket over your long kurta. This will give a glamorous look and jazz up your entire look.

Fusion Way


Fusion way is a modern version of how to style long kurta.  Kurta is an Indian outfit and pairing it with jeans will give an western twist to the desi outfit. This can be termed as the fusion look and is extremely comfortable. You can wear this look to any of the outings.

Desi Way


Here comes the most easy and traditional way of how to style long kurta. Pair your long kurta with a matching or even contrast leggings. And add a dupatta at the top. This will jazz up the entire look and you can wear this outfit at any of the social gatherings even.

Long Skirt Way


Wearing a long kurta with a long skirt will give you an illusion of length and make you look extremely chic and ethnic.

Classic Way


If you want to go all classy and polished look then this should be your pick. Try wearing a long chikkan work long kurta with matching bottoms.

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Pairing it with Palazzo at the Bottom


Palazzo is another fab way to style long kurtas. This will give you an illusion of easy and casual look.

Three Quarter Pants


Another fab way of how to style long kurta is by pairing it with three quarter pants. Just see how chic and comfortable sonam Kapoor our very own fashionista is looking in this outfit.

Wear it as a Dress


If you are wearing an extremely long kurta then there is no need for a bottom. And that’s it. You can wear a long kurta as a dress too.

Long Kurta and Patiala


Patialas have been paired with long kurtas since ages. But have you ever thought of pairing your long kurtas with patialas.

So, these were some easy tips and tricks on how to style long kurta. Hope you all liked it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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  1. loved all these kurtis…specially jacket over kurta gives awesome look 🙂

  2. There are so many unique designs to try 🙂

  3. Thanks for these kurtas, they look awesome!

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