How to Solve the Problem of Grey Hair

Hey BHB readers! Today I will post about How to Solve the Problem of Grey Hair. Greying of hair is most embarrassing problem for all ladies. Apart from premature ageing, there are many reasons of grey hair, like lack of nutrition in your diet, lack of care and lack of hygiene. So please devote some time for your hair and follow these tips. This post includes some homemade hair oil and hair packs which will help you to get rid of the problem of grey hair and you will learn How to Solve Grey Hair Problem. These packs and oil really work and they are homemade, so these are safe and effective. So take a look below to find out How to Solve the Problem of Grey Hair.

How to Solve the Problem of Grey Hair, How to Solve Grey Hair Problem

Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice

Coconut oil is best remedy for the problem of grey hair. So this first homemade tips for gray hair is best for everyone. You all must try this gray hair remedy tip thrice in a week.

So take coconut oil in a little bowl and warm it. Add lemon juice in it. The ratio of coconut oil and lemon juice is 2:1. You can add 2-3 drops of lavender oil. Massage your gray hair with it. Coconut oil has the biotin element which stops the growing of grey hair. It makes your hair smooth and soft too. hope you started learning How to Solve Grey Hair Problem.

Curry Leaves

You have heard the use of curry leaves in ayurveda because it has many benefits. It strengthens the hair root and prevents premature graying and can be another gray hair remedy to teach you How to Solve Grey Hair Problem.

So add curry leaves in warm coconut oil. Add some hibiscus flowers in this oil. After 7-8 hours strain it and massage your gray hair with it.

oiling is best way to keep your hair healthy and black and smooth. It repairs all hair damages and improves the condition of your hair.


Coffee is a great nourishing agent for hair. It makes your hair smooth and dandruff free too. It also helps to get rid of grey hair problem.

Brew some coffee and let it cool down. Then use it as a rinse after shampoo. You can use it in your henna pack. It not only gives a good color to your hair but also takes care of your split ends.

Or you can make a methi pack instead of using coffee. Soak some methi in water overnight. Next morning add yogurt and make a paste of them. Leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair. How to Solve Grey Hair Problem is i hope no more question for you because till now i told you 3 way to solve gray hair problem.


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Hair Packs for Healthy Hair


Amla makes your hair naturally black. It makes hair long. It nourishes hair as well as gives glow to your hair.

Take some amla, boil them, mash them and remove their seeds. Make a paste and apply this as a pack on your hair. Leave it on for half an hour. Then wash your hair. Amla works as a conditioner for your hair. and yes I can say this is one of easiest way to get rid of gray hair.

Black Sesame Seed

Black sesame seeds and sesame oil both are best for grey hair because the oil of black sesame is thicker than others. If you want some good smell you can add drpos of lavender or tulsi essential oil. You must try this oil for the remedy from grey hair problem. It naturally makes your hair black and healthy.

Coconut Milk

Before shampooing apply coconut milk on your hair. Apply it specially on roots. Opt for hot towel treatment before shampooing. Coconut milk nourishes your hair as a conditioner. It repairs the hair damages and make your hair black for long time.

So here are some tips on How to Solve the Problem of Grey Hair. They are easy, yet effective and make your hair long, black, healthy and dandruff free. So I hope you like this post and you all will try these packs and oils to solve gray hair problem. These remedies are 100% natural and chemical free. So don’t worry about any hair damage and don’t tell me that you don’t know How to Solve Grey Hair Problem.

Stay healthy Stay gorgeous.!!

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  1. Amla and curry leaves are superb. Lemon is a bleaching agent will it not exaggerate the problem?

  2. Thank God i don’t have grey hair issues…..i feel oiling regularly is the key to good hair

  3. Yes pallavi!! Totally agree with u. Oiling is the best way to take care of our hair

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