How To Smudge Eyeliner

Hello friends. A very simple tutorial is here again and its about How To Smudge Eyeliner. Smudging eyeliner is a technique used with pencil eyeliners. Its create and gives a smoky eye look. Its look good in night so next time in night party wear this smudge eyes look. Smudging eyeliner is a very simple process to do. So friends lets take a look for more.
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Steps for Smudging Eyeliner

  1. Apply an eye primer to the eye area and dab some loose powder.
  2. Apply eye shadow. Here i used natural looking shade.
  3. Line the upper lid with a pencil eyeliner. Begin the line at the inner corner of the eye and follow the lash line until you reach the outer corner.
  4. Stay as close to the line as possible.
  5. Hold the smudging brush between your index finger and thumb. Start at the middle of the eyelash line and gently rub the smudge brush upwards as you work down the lash-line to the outer corner. This will rough up the straight line and cause the eyeliner to smudge.
  6. Only use the smudging technique down the length of the lash-line two or three times. You do not want to erase the eyeliner completely from your eyes. Repeat for the opposite eye.
  7. After smudging the liner, curl lashes and apply mascara on top & bottom lashes.
  8. and all done 🙂

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Final look of Smudge Eyeliner

final look of Smudge Eyeliner Image

Giordani Gold Eye Pencil

Use to define eyes, or with the smudger for a softer look. Its 2 in 1 pencil with smudge brush.

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you can use Ear bud for smudging eyeliner.

smudging brush Image

Here I used

  • Natural shade eye shadow from coloressence
  • Giordani Gold Eye Pencil with smudge brush
  • Black eye pencil

products for Smudge Eyeliner Image

Its actually quick process to do and its really gives of dramatic eyes in minutes just follow easy steps and you are done.

smudge eyeliner look Image

Hope friends you enjoy it 🙂

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