How to Shop in Sarojini Nagar in Delhi

It is impossible that you stay in India and haven’t heard about Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi!! And if you are a Delhiite, you must have already visited the Sarojini Nagar market a number of times. It is one of Delhi’s biggest and most important market and a must visit for every shopaholic, especially if you are after trendy clothes at dirt-cheap prices. Sarojini Nagar market is a paradise for us girls 🙂 From stylish clothes to designer bags to fashionable jewelleries, you get it all at SN. Being a Sarojini Nagar veteran, today I thought of sharing a few tips on How to Shop in Sarojini Nagar in Delhi.

How to Shop in Sarojini Nagar in Delhi

You will find high end fashion brands at Sarojini Nagar at unbelievably cheap price. Plus it’s variety.. from comfy PJs to stylish gowns, this place won’t disappoint you. And if you are a jewellery junky, its a win win situation for you. You will get earrings to neckpieces to handcuffs everything here. But Sarojini Nagar can get a bit confusing, because of its size and all the hustle-bustle of the shoppers and vendors. It often happens that people go there, roam around for hours and still don’t find anything to buy! Trust me, it actually happens. If you don’t want to face similar situation, read below my tips on How to Shop in Sarojini Nagar in Delhi.

  • Naturally Sarojini Nagar is a crowded place, over-crowded I should say. So if you don’t like crowds, go there in the early hours of the day, preferably from 11:30am to 3 pm on weekdays. Avoid weekends as its get too crowded.
  • Always carry a spacious shoulder bag or backpack to dump your purchases in. Don’t rely on the plastic bags that the vendors give as they often tear, plus walking around with so many plastic bags are not at all comfortable.
  • Always carry cash. The vendors do not accept credit cards. Carry notes of Rs.10, 20, 50 & 100.
  • Bargain, bargain and bargain! The seller will always start with a price of his choice. Quote half of that. And then you can fix the deal somewhere in between.
  • Have patience. Give yourself enough time to find out the gem amongst all the duds.
  • It is easy to lose your mind with that sheer amount of choice available. Ask yourself if you are really going to wear/use the item and then buy it. Don’t just buy everything you see.
  • Check all the items you are willing to purchase. Check for holes, cuts, stains etc.
  • Take someone with you who can help you to make better decisions when it comes to buy anything and also good at bargaining.
  • Be clear about your body shape and measurements. You won’t find any trial room there. So try whatever you can over your clothes and ask your friend to take a pic. In this way, you can be sure if the item suits you or not.
  • Take good care of your belongings. Like any crowded place, here also you will find instances of pick-pocketing, stealing etc. So keep your cash, phone and other valuable items very safely.
  • Keep an open mind. Chances are there you might end up getting items that you did not plan in the first place.

Hopefully this little guide will help you to enjoy your shopping at Sarojini Nagar 🙂 Take care and I will be back soon with another new post.

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  1. I had visited Sarojini Nagar on a holiday in 2014 and bagged so many clothes at amazingly low prices. It’s like a heaven for shopaholic ladies….very useful tips 🙂

  2. Sarojini Nagar will be in my to visit places the next time I visit Delhi. thanks for the inputs.

  3. That’s a much needed article for ppl outside Delhi…guys shopping in sarojini nagar is an art

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