How to Scrub Lips

Scrubbing on lips… does that really work??? You all think about this but I have many reasons to tell you why you should scrub your lips. Eating and the using of lipsticks can snatch your real beauty from your lips. The ladies who use lipsticks daily can notice at night when they wash their face as well as their lips, & they don’t look in a good condition. Even when you click some pictures so closely, you can see the knock of damage to your lips. Lips are very attractive as well as 3 times sensitive than skin. When everyone go to parties they wear lots of makeup but they forget about the cracked lips. So don’t be one of them and scrub your lips for healthy look. Here I give you some quick tips that will help you to know How to Scrub Lips.

How to Scrub Your Lips

  • Try some fresh cream to scrub your lips. Add 1 tsp fresh cream, add little sugar and scrub it smoothly on your lips. After scrubbing 5 minutes wash it with cool water. You can try this daily. It gives full nourishment to your lips.
  • You can also use cocoa butter scrub which is highly recommended for lips. They make your lips smooth and fill all the cracks. You can use it anytime as before the party because it works instantly.
  • You can use some sugar and honey scrub for your lips. Take some sugar and honey, mix it well. Then scrub on your lips with gentle hands. Then wash it off. It is best scrub for the damaged lips. It removes all the cracks and makes your lips healthy. Use it twice a week.

How to Scrub Your Lips 2

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  • You also try some butter with sugar on your lips. Take a lit bit of sugar then mix it with butter apply it on your lips gently. Scrub it for 5 minutes then wash your lip with water. It heels your damages and gives smoothness. You should use twice a week.
  • Take a little spoon of mashed apples and then add some sugar in it. Mix them well and scrub it 5 minutes on your lips and then wash it. It gives pink color to your lips as well as it makes your lips nourished.

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  • You can use fresh Aloe Vera gel as a scrub for your lips. Take this gel on your fingers and scrub it gently on your lips for 5 minutes then wash it with water. You will get fresh and healed lips. You can use this daily but you should take only the fresh gel which you take from the plant.

So guys I hope you try these home remedies and get great result. I always try my best to give you the perfect home remedies and I wish that it works as good as I think. Home remedies are always best because they are less expensive and give better results than other expensive cosmetics. I believe that the solution of your skin problems are available at your kitchen, just you need to find it. But don’t worry we are here to help you at our best.



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  1. Super tips Konica. The first pic is super good

  2. I use the honey and sugar scrub too.. It works well for me.. Thank you for the other remedies… I will try them 🙂

  3. Helpful tips. Sometimes I like scrubbing vaseline on my lips using a baby tooth brush. You end up with instant plumped up lips.

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