How to Remove Makeup with Olive Oil

Hey girls!! How are you all? I was shopping and I saw a variant of makeup remover of a very renowned brand, I was running out of my previous makeup remover so I thought of buying this new one. It was different from what I was using. I was at the payment counter and suddenly I realized that something was missing, well when I came back I found that I forgot my makeup remover!! Sad right, and unfortunately that week was full of parties. I have used oil for removing makeup before but this time I thought of using different oil. Yes girls today I am going to tell you about How To Remove Makeup With Olive Oil.

How to Remove Makeup with Olive Oil

The steps are very simple and clear, but before starting with steps let me tell you about the experience I had with olive oil. I was standing in front of my dressing table with a heavy eye makeup, and I was thinking of different ways how I can remove my makeup. Then suddenly my eyes scroll down to a green tin of olive oil. Olive oil is relatively thicker, I poured it on my palm and just start following these simple steps

How To Remove Makeup With Olive Oil

How to Remove Makeup with Olive Oil, olive oil

  • Pour some olive oil on your palm or any cotton pad; dip your fingers in it.
  • Don’t be scared of using excess oil, so just take as much as your fingers can
  • Start massaging your face with this oil
  • I would suggest you to start with your eyes and at the end go to your lips.
  • Now after this take tissue paper and gently start swabbing your eye makeup first. And then keep on changing the tissues while removing your makeup.
  • I usually remove my lipstick at last.
  • When you’re done you can remove the excess oil with blotting paper.
  • Then you can wash your face with a mild soap solution.

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How to Remove Makeup with Olive Oil, olive oil as makeup remover

Olive oil makes the removal procedure easier. It effectively removes the eye makeup. Just make it sure that you massaged the skin gently, don’t put pressure on your skin. Gently swab it and in a single stroke your heaviest eye makeup will disappear. These days I am using the olive oil only to remove makeup. Try this and tell me what you feel about it.

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  1. I myself prefer oils over removers! they work good, and are good to your pockets too! 😉

  2. The Chicster Diaries

    I have used oil in the past to get rid of makeup but dont you think olive oil would be a little too thick.. I usually prefer the lighter oils in the market that are non sticky.. what do you think?

  3. definately they are pocket friendly. And they are chemical free so need not to worry about the side effects.

  4. me too use olive oil as make up remover when i m running out of make up remover. It works best with cotton pads.

  5. I never use olive oil to remove makeup but i will try today only

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